John Deere Recalling Two Lawn Tractors Amid Crash Concerns

John Deere has recalled two lawn tractors due to defective wheel hubs. Find out if this affects you, and what to do about it if it does.

This month, John Deere announced the immediate recall of two of its popular lawn tractors due to a risk of crash and injury. Here’s everything you need to know about the recall, including how to determine if it impacts you.

Why Were They Recalled?

According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (USCPSC), the wheel hubs on two models were “not manufactured to specifications and can fail, causing the tractor to lose braking and propulsion, posing crash and injury hazards.”

This is a voluntary recall initiated by the manufacturer. At this time, John Deere has received three reports of the lawn tractors not braking properly, resulting in one case of bruising and minor injury.

Which John Deere Lawn Tractors Were Recalled?

The recalled models are the X380 and X390 lawn tractors. This recall impacts an estimated 160 units sold in the U.S., and 30 in Canada. They were sold online and in physical dealerships from April to May 2022, with retail pricing between $5,000 and $6,300. If you have an older John Deere mower, or a different model, you are not affected by this recall.

The recalled X380 lawn tractors include those without a mowing deck, as well as those with a 48-inch and 54-inch deck. The recalled X390 lawn tractors include those with a 48-inch deck. (Note that the 54-inch deck X390 has not been recalled.)

How To Tell if Your Lawn Tractor has Been Recalled

The recalled lawn tractors all have the distinctive John Deere green and yellow paint. The model number can be found on the side of the lawn tractor, just above the front wheel. The serial number is harder to find; look on the frame on the front right side, near the engine.

Once you’ve located the serial number, write it down or take a picture of it. Then, compare it to the list below to see if your lawn tractor is affected.

(These serial numbers are also available on the USCPSC website.)

For the Model X380 with no deck: Serial numbers 1M0X380DXNM130065 through 1M0X380DXNM130068

For the Model X380, 48-inch deck: Serial numbers 1M0X380AXNM132496 through 1M0X380AXNM132575

For the Model X380, 54-inch deck: Serial numbers 1M0X380BXNM131269, 1M0X380BXNM131261; 1M0X380BXNM131277 through 1M0X380BXNM131302; 1M0X380BXNM131306 through 1M0X380BXNM131310, and 1M0X380BXNM131312

For the Model X390, 48-inch deck: Serial numbers 1M0X390AXNM131261 through 1M0X390AXNM131295 and 1M0X390AXNM131298 through 1M0X390AXNM131300

If your serial number falls within the ranges above, it’s important that you take action to secure a prompt repair.

What To Do If Your Lawn Tractor Was Recalled

Do not use the recalled lawn tractor until it has been properly repaired. John Deere has begun to directly contact all known purchasers, providing them with more information on how to identify the lawn tractor serial numbers and the proper steps to obtain a repair.

If you don’t want to wait to hear from the manufacturer, contact an authorized John Deere dealer directly to begin the free repair process.

Visit the John Deere “Contact Us” page to ask questions, or to locate the nearest authorized John Deere dealer for your repair.

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