Incredible Rainbow Gardens You Can Grow

Add more color and cheeriness to your landscape with these fun DIY rainbow garden ideas.

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Rainbow Gardens You Can DIY

Rainbow gardens are a fun way to add more color and cheeriness to your landscape. Whether it be through vivid flowers or vibrant vegetables, we’ve got some creative rainbow garden ideas for you.

Plus, if you want a beautiful garden without a lot of fuss, here are six low-maintenance landscaping tips that will keep your garden looking great with minimal effort.

A Rainbow Garden of Unusual Vegetables

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Think you know what color vegetables are supposed to be? Take another look! Most people don’t realize that many vegetables naturally come in a variety of colors, but have been selectively bred over the years to create the varieties familiar to us today. Many of the unusual vegetables featured here are heirloom varieties, which have been around for years but aren’t widely grown. Orange carrots? No way – this garden has red and purple ones! How about green tomatoes that are already ripe? Or an orange eggplant? Make this the year you grow a rainbow garden of unusual vegetables! Here’s how to prep soil for a vegetable garden.

It’s easier than you might think to grow fresh veggies and herbs for yourself and your family. Here are the 17 easiest foods to grow at home.

Rainbow Seed Tube DIY Garden Gift

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Garden seeds make great gifts, and here is a creative way to present them. Make a multi-colored container out of a daily pill organizer as fun packaging for a rainbow of flower seeds this spring. This DIY garden gift is fast and easy, and you can choose any seeds you like to match the colors of the container. Here’s how to make this rainbow seed tube garden gift:

  1. Unscrew the sections of the colorful tube;
  2. Carefully open each seed packet and pour the seeds into the appropriate colored portions of the tube;
  3. Work from the bottom up, since each section serves as the lid for the section beneath it, and screw the tube back together as you go;
  4. To create a rainbow garden card, use the paper punches to cut shapes from the fronts of the seed packets showing the flowers. (If you don’t have paper punches, cut around the shapes of the flowers instead, or cut any free-form shapes you like.);
  5. Glue the shapes to the cardstock in the pattern of your choice using the glue stick. Use pens to label each flower so the recipient will know what the seed types are;
  6. If desired, write “Plant a Rainbow!” across the top of the card.

You can hit the ground running in the spring with these tips for how to successfully grow plants from seeds.

Plant Wildflowers to Make a Rainbow Garden

rainbow garden wildflowersBertrand Louis / EyeEm /Getty Images

If you prefer a rainbow garden that isn’t sectioned by color, why not plant colorful wildflowers? Wildflowers are a good option for the gardener who wants a low maintenance flower that does the “heavy lifting” without a lot of help from the gardener. Check out these wildflowers that do well in home gardens. Choose a planting spot that receives at least six hours of sunlight per day — the more sun the better for wildflowers — and plant them like you would any other type of flower. Plus, here are 10 wildflowers that do well in the suburbs.

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