IBSx Award Winners Highlight Modern Home Building Innovations

Game-changing home building products were front and center at the 2021 IBSx.

Last week the National Association of Home Builders revealed the winners of the 2021 “Best of IBSx Awards,” recognizing the most innovative and game-changing homebuilding products showcased at this year’s virtual International Builders’ Show.

The winners were chosen by a panel of 18 industry and media judges from more than two hundred products in six categories. Here is a rundown of the award-winning products.

Pella Easy Slide Operator Universal DesignCourtesy of Pella

Best In Show/Best Window and Door Product:

Easy Slide Operator by Pella Windows

The biggest award of the show went to the Easy Slide Operator by Pella Windows, an unconventional mechanism for window operation. The Easy Slide Operator replaces the traditional window hand crank, making opening and closing windows as easy as flipping a dimmer switch.

“When you think about how products change over time, previously, for this type of window, the only option was the crank,” said IBSx judge Mike Demboski. “Nobody has really improved that function in a long while. So it’s a big step forward in technology.”

Because the slide offers just a few pounds of resistance, this mechanism is a great way to make homes more accessible. Plus, its low-profile design makes it an attractive option for home builders going for a more minimalist look.

Best Home Technology Product/Best Indoor Product

Dual Fuel Pro Range by Signature Kitchen Suite

This cooking range was the only other product to win two awards this year, which is fitting considering how many things it can do.

Judges lauded the Dual Fuel Pro Range by Signature Kitchen Suite for its versatility, combining a traditional convection oven, natural gas burners, an induction plate and sous vide cooker in one package. The best news for home builders? Once this range is on-site, it only takes one person to install.

Best Outdoor Product

Axis Smart Glass Bioclimatic System by Suntech-Albayrak Group

While many “smart” technologies tend to make things more complicated, Axis Smart Glass is all about simplicity. The water-resistant glass can be switched between clear and frosted modes with a touch of a button. Axis Smart Glass transforms outdoor spaces, making it possible to turn open lookouts into private enclosures at a whim.

Most Innovative Building Material

ASCEND Composite Cladding System by Alside

The main draw of ASCEND by Alside is its ease of use. It’s easier to install than fiber cement siding, and installation doesn’t require any special tools like composite panels typically do. It’s also almost entirely maintenance-free and backed by a lifetime limited warranty.

Most Innovative Software

AeroBarrier Connect by Aeroseal

Air sealing systems are a crucial step in homebuilding that ensures homes are air-tight and leak-free. AeroBarrier Connect by Aerosal is the first computer-controlled air sealing system on the market.

“It’s well-designed and clearly a game-changer,” said IBSx judge Joshua Dean. “This tool has the ability to significantly improve how houses are made and how they can meet building requirements and standards.”

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