How to Protect Shrubs From Heavy Snow

Extend the life and general appearance of your shrubs over the winter time with this simple tip.

snow covered christmas tree shrubsAnna Anisimova/Shutterstock

Question: Should I Remove the Snow From Drooping Evergreen Branches?

Answer: You can gently brush snow off branches after each snowfall, just avoid shaking snow off the branches. This can do more damage than the wet, heavy snow. Leave the snow in place if it’s frozen to the branches.

Next year, do a bit of prevention to minimize weather damage to your evergreens. Wrap multi-stemmed arborvitaes and junipers with bird netting or strips of cotton cloth. These hold the stems together so snow rolls off the plant instead of bending the stems. Here are the things to do for your fruit trees before winter.

Plus, learn what is tree wrap and dow do you use it?

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