How to Make Settling In to Your New Home Less Stressful

How to make moving into a new home less stressful

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Moving consistently lands on the top 10 list of life’s most stressful events. There’s no way to completely alleviate the stress of a move, but here are some ways to smooth out the transition so everyone feels connected and heard.

  1. First things first. Make sure everyone has a cozy bedroom, play space or quiet area of some sort as soon as possible. Everyone should have at least a little “room of their own” while the rest of the space is unpacked and put in place at a slower pace. Here’s a collection of 20 things you may want to do when you move into a new home.
  2. As soon as possible after moving, reestablish a routine of gathering for at least one meal a day. Then, once a week, over dinner (or evening popcorn), encourage everyone to talk about what is working in the new house or neighborhood, something exciting you’ve discovered or done, or a new friend you’ve met. Also, talk about what you miss from your old house and brainstorm ways to help ease the transition. Maybe try inviting an old friend to sleepover or replacing a rickety bed.
  3. Reserve some time to discuss what each person wants in their bedroom or play area. Come up with a wish list of things to recreate from their old room along with new things they’d like to have. Involve each person in shopping and assembling their unique space. Here are 15 amazing toy rooms for inspiration.
  4. Celebrate each other’s successes. Unveil new spaces as they are completed and let each person explain how their bedroom, office, studio or play room helps them feel at home. You can also celebrate milestones like 6 months from the day you moved in. You’ll likely be amazed at how far you’ve come and you can set goals for where you’ll be on your big one-year anniversary!

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