A Clever Way to Get Rid of Glue Squeeze-Out

There’s nothing more frustrating than finding glue spots on your latest project as you apply stain or finish.

HH straw to clean up glue squeeze out

Use a Straw to Scoop Up Glue Squeeze-Out

When glue squeezes out on an inside corner like in a drawer or the inside any woodworking project, using a chisel has the potential to cause more harm than good. This is because the sharp blade can easily mark-up and scratch the adjacent surface. The solution is a simple drinking straw. We used paper straws because they can be recycled unlike plastic ones. The straw will conform to the shape of the corner and the excess glue will be collected inside the straw so it can’t get re-deposited anywhere else.

Check out 45 of the most clever gluing tips and tricks from editors and readers of The Family Handyman. You’ll definitely want to keep these in mind during your next woodworking projects!

HH straw clean glue squeeze out

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