Here’s How Often You Should be Washing Everything in Your House

Updated: May 19, 2024

Ever wonder how often you really need to wash everything in your house? Here’s your answer.

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Things You Need to Wash Every Day:

Dishes — It’s just so much simpler to wash a dish after using it at home. That way no one has to try to balance a plate in the sink and no one has to yell about people doing chores. Here are some valuable tips on how to get kids to do chores.

Bathroom Surfaces — This should be a daily task just to make prevent an accumulation of unsightly things. Try out these 39 tips to make your home shine too.

Bathroom and Kitchen Sinks —You’ll want to clean your sinks daily but once a week you’ll want to flush them with hot water, vinegar and baking soda to help deodorize the drain and keep the pipes clear.

Kitchen Counters and Table — It should go without saying that you should wash off your kitchen counters and table just to keep a clean house.

Microwave — Let’s face it: the microwave gets a ton of use and it can get pretty gross pretty quick.

Two-to-Three Times a Week:

Bathroom Towels — Towels are a terrific way for bacteria to enter body and therefore need to be washed frequently to prevent the spread of infection. If you rub vigorously on a towel to dry off your hands, the movement scratches your skin and opens it up.

Sponges — Yes, you can wash sponges. Just drop them into boiling water for two minutes and then in the microwave for two minutes every few days. Here are some more tips on getting a sponge clean.

Once a Week:

Bed Sheets — It’s important to wash your bedsheets weekly to eliminate dust mites and decrease the chances of allergies acting up. Here’s what you need to know about dust mites.

Doorknobs — The doorknob is one of the dirtiest places in your home and should be wiped down at least once a week to decrease the spread of bacteria.

Kitchen Appliances — The outside of your dishwasher should get wiped down once a week while the stove top can get cleaned once a week. You can try this one trick to keep your stove top smudge free.

One to Two Weeks:

Floors — Wash your floors every week or two, but pay attention to your kitchen floor because you’ll probably want to wash that more frequently since food bacteria can spread from there. Discover the 18 cleaning products pro house cleaners always use.

Once a Month:

Throw Rugs — Rugs are great at trapping dirt and dust so it’s important that you wash them on a regular basis.

Washer and Dryer — Run an empty load through your washer with hot water and bleach while you should vacuum the lint trap of your dryer. You can get your dryer pristine with these tips and if you’re having issues with your washer, make sure you check this one thing.

Dishwasher Filter — Remove the filter and wash it to make sure all food particles are gone. Then sprinkle a cup of baking soda in the bottom of the dishwasher and let it sit for 12 hours. Then add a cup of vinegar and run a hot cycle.

Grout — Cleaning grout is a pain but here’s a tip that might make it so you never have to do it again.

Every Three Months:

Pillows — Wash your pillows to remove dead skin cells and sweat. Make sure to add some tennis balls to the dryer to prevent clumping when you run them through the dryer. Find out why it’s important to wash your pillows.

Comforters — While you’re bedding should get washed weekly, your comforter should make the wash every three months. Try freshening up your linens without chemicals with these seven tips.

Fridge — You’ll want to wash the inside of your fridge at least every three months or as soon as you’re tired of things sticking inside because of juice stains.

Kitchen Range Hood — This is one dirty job but you can make it a lot easier by heading to the … auto parts store? Find out why.

Car — Depending on where you live, you might want to wash your car more frequently. Here are 46 tips to get your car looking it like just came from the detailer’s. 

Patio/Deck — Decks and patios will collect all sorts of stuff like grass clippings and cobwebs if you’re not careful. And if your deck’s stain is fading, you’ll want to know how to renew it simply.

Shower Curtain Liner — You can wash your shower curtain liner in the washing machine. Just make sure to let it air dry and that you get rid of any soap scum and mildew.

Every Six Months:

Windows — Wash your windows inside and out every six months to maintain a clear view out of them.

Curtains/Drapes — Some people might overlook washing drapes or curtains but it’s something to do every six months.

Once a Year:

Walls — If you have young children, you might be washing walls a little more frequently.

Plus: You’ll want to know how to clean the things you never have but should in the video below.