Get Your Hands On Some Family Handyman Approved Hestra Job Duratan Flex Work Gloves

When headed outdoors to work on your spring projects, the first essential tool to reach for is a pair of well-fitting work gloves. Like these.

Gloves have been around almost as long as humans. There are drawings of gloves in early Roman literature and depictions of them in cave paintings. Archaeologists even found a pair of lace gloves buried with King Tut.

But these days, when I open my glove drawer, I find two kinds: those for warmth, and those for work. If you’re looking for a pair of quality work gloves that also keep your hands from freezing, look no further than the Hestra Duratan Flex Work Glove. 

What is the Hestra Job Duratan Flex Work Glove?  

Hestra Job Duratan Flex Work Gloves are lightweight and comfortable, ideal for gardening, household projects, or lugging materials.

The palm is made of reinforced duratan, a synthetic fabric with the look and feel of soft leather that’s 10 times more resistant to rips and tears. The backside of the glove features a stretchy and breathable woven fabric. An adjustable hook and loop cuff keeps everything snug. They’re sleek and extremely well-fitting, even to my size 10 extra-large hand! 

How We Tested Them  

Once I found out there was a big landscaping project in the works, I secured myself a pair of these gloves and got ready to do some testing.

This landscaping project was truly extensive. There were days spent bending and cutting metal for gabion baskets, others framing and decking walkways and benches, hours of digging and tamping to level the ground, and many, many, wheelbarrow loads of gravel and granite.  

Performance Review

Family Handyman Approved Hestra work gloveFamily Handyman

For nearly two weeks, these gloves and I were inseparable. I often forgot I was wearing them at all.

I rifled through my toolbox and easily picked up and installed individual deck screws because the comfort and dexterity are top-notch. When on my hands and knees spreading gravel or leveling dirt, I appreciated the snug cuff keeping out pebbles and small debris.

The gloves blended nicely with this early spring landscaping project.  They providing enough warmth to get me through the chilly mornings, and breathed well once my heart started pumping in the afternoon sun.  

My one issue with these gloves: They’re not waterproof. Hands are bound to get wet during any landscaping or gardening project that involves water. And these gloves, once wet, take a long time to dry out. 


  • Comfort; 
  • Dexterity; 
  • Warmth; 
  • Breathability;
  • Adjustable cuff.


  •  Not waterproof. 

Why You Should Buy This

Overall, I was thoroughly impressed with how Hestra walked the thin line between coziness and ruggedness. The comfort, flexibility, breathability and dexterity make these gloves perfect for anyone looking for a new pair of work gloves this spring. But remember, like in the movie Gremlins, use caution when around water! 

Where to Buy the Hestra Duratan Flex Work Gloves

Hestra Job Duratan Flex GlovesVia Merchant

Hestra Job Duratan Flex Work Gloves and other Hestra Job gloves are available at Lowe’s or online at

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Ethan O'Donnell
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