Here’s How You Can Reuse Your Old Tech Devices

Looking to declutter the house, but have a ton of old tech devices that you have no idea what to do with? Don’t just throw them away—try these ideas instead.

Africa Studio/Shutterstock
Africa Studio/Shutterstock

It always feels good to do a bit of spring cleaning. Having time to declutter the spots in your house that ended up cluttered and crowded after winter is always a treat (or a nightmare, depending on how you look at it). It’s probably safe to say that the basement is one of those areas gathering clutter in your house, and there’s one particular part of your clutter that you still haven’t gotten rid of: Old technology.

Unlike used clothes or toys, technology is difficult to let go of. Why? Well, it’s not like those items were inexpensive. Devices such as game consoles, VHS tapes, even floppy disks, probably cost you quite a bit of money to purchase back in the day. So it makes sense how difficult it can be to part with those products. And yet, the solution seems to always be the same: Just leave it there, and hope that “someday” you’ll find a use for them.

Well, friends, today is that day.

If you have some old pieces of technology floating around the house, now’s the time to finally give it a new life. Here’s what you can do with some of the more common tech devices you probably still have.

Floppy disks

Be honest, have you seen someone use a floppy disk recently? Most likely not, since this technology was replaced by the now infamous USB drive. If you have a ton of floppy disks on hand, there are quite a few creative projects you can try that are completely unrelated to technology. Turn them into coasters, planting pots, covers for a notepad, or even line the inside of a glass disk for a vintage design.

Cell phones

Even if your old cell phone is no longer in service, it still has a ton of technology that could be used for other purposes. Turn it into an alarm clock, remote control, or even a kid’s camera! If reusing your cell phone sounds like something you want to do, here’s our simple guide on what to do with your old cell phone.


When it comes to computers, there’s no point in giving it away unless you are 100 percent sure it’s ready to scrap. If you’re not entirely sure, it’s best if you find your local electronic recycler and ask them to see if the computer can still be used. If not, here’s what to do with your old computer.

VHS tapes

If you have a collection of VHS tapes, chances are you don’t want to let them go. They are probably worth a good amount of money, and have great videos that you still enjoy. So instead of throwing them away, why not convert the video into a DVD?

Cassette tapes

Just like the floppy disk, cassette tapes can be used for creative projects that will give your home a vintage twist. After you move those recordings over to your computer, find a creative project to make with those tapes—like a coin purse, or a case for your smartphone.

Game consoles

When it comes to a game console, you could easily sell or keep playing games on it if it’s in good condition. However, game consoles can also work as streaming platforms or DVD players. Why buy a new one for that second TV when you could just use the old game console?

Hard drives

An old hard drive can actually be turned into a portable hard drive, which is great to have when you want to back up those files on your computer. It can also keep the old files from your computer while giving you a chance to be able to use them whenever need be. If you don’t want to create an external hard drive, you could use it for a creative house project—like a DIY magnet (since the hard drive is filled with neodymium magnets). Or, you can just destroy it, here’s how.

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