What Is the New Gooseneck Paint Brush?

Banish the idea of "unreachable" places to paint with a gooseneck paintbrush.

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Get to know the gooseneck paintbrush, an innovative new paint applicator with a distinctive handle that offers advantages to the standard straight version.

What Is a Gooseneck Paintbrush?

The gooseneck paintbrush features a flexible handle designed to firmly hold whatever position you choose, ideal for cutting in edges in hard-to-reach places. Richard Tools introduced the gooseneck paintbrush to the market.

Other Features of a Gooseneck Paintbrush

The gooseneck paintbrush has a threaded handle tip that accepts an extension pole, transforming it into a handy tool for cutting in wall edges along the ceiling or other hard-to-reach places right from the floor. You’ll avoid the hassle of constantly repositioning your ladder and end up with a cleaner, more continuous stroke.

The gooseneck paintbrush also features angle-cut, synthetic bristles, suitable for latex or oil-based paints. It creates a precise line while cutting in edges.

The lightweight, soft-grip synthetic body provides comfort for painters working long hours. It’s easy to clean, too.

How to Use and Clean a Gooseneck Paintbrush

Use of a gooseneck paintbrush doesn’t differ much from a traditional brush. It extends in a traditional manner, too. Just twist the extension pole firmly into the socket in the handle, then bend the flexible handle to the desired angle.

Cleaning and care remains the same as traditional brushes. Clean as recommended for the paint used in your project. Then wrap the bristles with a jacket of waxed paper to preserve the shape and hang dry.

What People Say About the Gooseneck Paintbrush

Reviewers who purchased the Richard Tools gooseneck paintbrush say this on Amazon.com:

“The bendable aspect puts you in complete control of the angle of attack when it’s on the end of a pole.”

“I just got to use it for some high corners over a stairwell with no room for a ladder. No problemo — just put it on my extendable paint pole and huzzah!! Corners reached and painted!”

“The handle is very sturdy. It is flexible and yet it stays put once it is moved to the right angle for the height you want to paint. The brush itself is high quality.”

How Much Do Gooseneck Paintbrushes Cost?

Major retailers are catching on to the gooseneck paintbrush, and many carry it. For those who prefer online shopping, Amazon offers the gooseneck brush as well. It costs $18 and up.

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