Genius DIY Coffee Bar Ideas

Clear up counterspace and clutter by moving your coffee set up to another spot. Learn genius coffee bar ideas to get started.

There’s no doubt about it—you need your coffee. Setting up a coffee bar at home not only helps you save money (no need to stop at the coffee shop!) but you may be able to free up valuable cupboard and counter space by moving your mugs and coffee pot to another location. With renewed space you may finally be able to start thinking of unique kitchen cabinet ideas. These five genius DIY coffee bar ideas will certainly give you a buzz.

Coffee Bar Ideas: Convert a Kitchen Desk

If you have a built-in desk or workspace in your kitchen and you’d like to utilize that space better, consider converting it to a coffee bar. Set up your coffee maker or espresso machine on the desk surface. Store mugs, spoons, stir-ins and napkins in the desk drawers. And, if there is a cabinet on the wall above the desk, you could remove the doors and use the open shelves for storage or display of mugs, travel thermoses and other accessories. Moving all of the coffee-related items to this designated area will free up valuable kitchen countertop space and give you more storage space in your other cabinets. Speaking of storage, keep food fresh with these kitchen storage containers.

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Coffee Bar Ideas: Move Over Booze

If you’re a coffee lover, perhaps you’d rather have a java bar in your home rather than a cocktail bar. Set up a coffee bar where you’d normally keep wine or liquor—whether on a bar cart in the living room or on a shelf or cabinet in the dining room. Use a wire basket to keep coffee and utensils organized.

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Coffee Bar Ideas: Set Up a Coffee Cart

If you have room, consider getting a coffee cart you can keep in a corner of your kitchen. Carts come in a variety of styles, from modern to farmhouse chic. This rustic wood cart looks great and has two shelves. Just place your coffee maker and cups on top and keep coffees, teas and other accessories underneath. And, because the cart’s on wheels, you can move it to another location whenever you want.

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Coffee Bar Ideas: Use Built-Ins

Does your dining room have built-ins that can be converted into a coffee bar? Try storing your coffee mugs on/in a built-in shelf or cabinet and keep the coffee maker—whether traditional, French press or espresso machine—on a table or credenza set up next to the built-in. If you like this, there are more alternative formal dining room ideas to discover.

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Coffee Bar Ideas: Don’t Forget Décor

To make a true coffee bar in your home, don’t forget some decor. Hang a chalkboard at your coffee station to list flavors or seasonal coffee drinks for which you have the special ingredients. You could also hang a DIY coffee mug display to store mugs. Have a photo of a favorite coffee shop? Have it framed and hang it nearby. Store creams, sugars, syrups and utensils in display-worthy bowls and bottles.

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