A Pet Camera To Keep an Eye on Your Furry Friends

Miss your dog while you're away? The Furbo Dog Camera keeps you connected with real-time video, a treat dispenser and a safety monitor.

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I share my home office with Karma-Kat and Shadow-Pup, my inspiration for 35 pet care books. If they pester each other too much or Shadow barks at the “dangerous” garbage truck arrival, I know immediately and handle the issue.

I also frequently consult with pet parents on dog and cat behavior problems, but pets may not “perform” the behavior when I’m there. I frequently request pet camera video footage to observe behavior complaints, including any damage to the home.

Not everyone gets to share their office with pets. Sure, you can invest in pet insurance (and probably should!) for just-in-case pet injuries or home damage. But why not prevent damage, reduce pet stress and give yourself peace of mind by using a pet camera?

It goes beyond documenting cute dog (or cat) antics to share on TikTok, or just missing your special pet when you have to work all day. Pets sometimes get into dangerous situations through no fault of their own. What happens if your dog alerts to an intruder while you’re gone, or a fire breaks out? With a pet camera, you’d know to send help.

There are lots of really cool pet products you can buy on Amazon, including the Furbo Pet Camera. It allows you to keep a virtual eye on your pets. You’ll know when your dog gets into the garbage so you can stop him before you need to clean up the mess. Using the app, you can reward your pet with favorite treats for being good, even when you’re far away.

Treats for being good? I think Shadow and Karma like that idea a lot.

What Is a Pet Camera?

A pet camera — similar to an infant monitor — keeps tabs on indoor pets with microphones and video cameras. The Furbo Pet Camera offers more than most surveillance cameras.

Furbo pet camera specs:

  • 1080p HD camera;
  • 160-degree wide-angle view;
  • Uses 2.4-GHz WiFi;
  • Bluetooth connection;
  • Night vision capability.

Furbo pet camera pros:

  • Wide camera angle: Set it up where pets stay when you leave the home (office, kitchen, living room, bedroom or hallway). Position the camera out of paw or jaw reach while seeing recording what’s important.
  • Bluetooth connectivity: The Furbo interfaces with an app that feeds information to your phone or tablet.
  • Night vision feature: Live stream video to monitor your pet on your device day and night.
  • Free dog nanny trial available: Every camera comes with a 90-day free trial of Cloud Recording, Smart Alerts and a daily Doggie Diary. It’s an optional subscription you can cancel anytime, so you can still see, talk, toss treats and receive Barking Alerts without it.
  • Two-way audio and barking alert: Furbo’s Barking Sensor detects when your dog barks. You can pre-set it to your dog’s barking level, so it alerts you via push notifications to your smartphone. The two-way microphone lets you speak to your pet to calm it down, praise good behavior or interrupt when it chews the furniture.
  • Treat tossing: Who doesn’t want to be rewarded for a good job? Toss your dog treats via the free Furbo iOS/Android app. Fill it with your pet’s favorite treats. Play a game of catch or reward your pet for other fun behaviors.
  • Easy three-step setup: First, plug your Furbo into a power outlet with its USB cord. Then download the Furbo app and connect to your home WiFi. You’ll need a stable internet connection and WiFi signal for best performance.

Furbo pet camera things to consider:

  • Premium Dog Nanny membership is required to get all the benefits.
  • Only specifically sized treats work in the dispenser. Too large can jam the device, but too small will over-treat the pet
  • Shy pets may dislike the sound of the treat dispensing motor and need training to accept.
  • Some reviewers complain about firmware updates affecting functionality.
  • May be damaged by eager pets chewing/wrestling the unit to get all of the treats, so set it well out of reach.

How to Use a Pet Camera

There are many pet cameras on the market, but the Furbo Pet Camera’s design gets raves from pet professionals. The company claims more than 5,000 veterinarians and professional dog trainers give it a “paws up” on design and function specific to pets, especially dogs.

As an equal opportunity pet lover, I also include cats among the pets who benefit from the product, since our feline friends also love treats and relish training. If used for cats, though, be sure to set the device out of your feline’s reach.

To start, decide how you want to use the camera based on what you and your pet need. You can simply watch the live stream or activate Event-Triggered Cloud Recording and watch later. The Doggie Diary option lets you review highlights of the pet’s day in 60 seconds. You can download and save the video to your memory album and share with family or friends.

You also can customize your alert preferences one-by-one. That means you can choose to be notified only by what’s important to you — no more excessive, annoying alerts.

Furbo technology can also differentiate between important dog sounds and activities. Use the Dog Activity Alert to identify the times of day your pet is most active and what triggers cause pet angst — such as mail carrier visits — and plan ahead.

Among the top dog behavior complaints I hear are separation behaviors: pacing, foot licking, chewing, destruction, crying and more. Viewing these behaviors can help you and your veterinarian/behavior professional give your pet the help it needs. That might include one of these best reviewed thunder jackets.

Furbo’s Person Alert feature sends a notification whenever a human enters the camera view. You can see whether it’s your partner, the pet sitter or an intruder, and seek help if needed. This is an excellent feature because many dogs love people, even dog-loving thieves. I think my Shadow-Pup might show the burglar where the best goodies are.

And with Dog Selfie Alert, your Furbo will notify you when your pet comes face-to-face with the camera for some up-close pictures. No need to sneak up on them for adorable photo ops, or bribe camera-shy dogs with excessive treats.

The Best Amazon User Reviews

This Pet Camera Helps You Keep An Eye On Your Furry Friends While Youre Awayvia amazon.com

With more than 27,000 ratings, the Furbo Dog Camera has a devoted following. Here are some of the top reviews to give you a paw-sitive taste of what to expect.

Verified Amazon purchaser Gretchen P. loves her Furbo Dog Camera. “Best pet-related purchase I’ve made!” she writes. “Furbo sends your phone alerts when your dog is barking or when there are loud noises in your house- i.e. when your carbon monoxide detector is going off! Saved my dog’s life!”

Dog lover bowiezinspace enjoys sharing pet updates with coworkers. “I love being able to watch my pug literally just sleeping for seven hours a day and my coworkers really enjoy the constant updates,” the verified purchaser writes. “I have learned that my cat must leave the house when I go to work because I never catch her on the camera. Maybe she has a job?”

New puppy owner Theresa worried about leaving it for the day until she got the Furbo Pet Camera. “Best. Purchase. Ever,” she writes. “It works like a dream. The app is very easy to use. The quality of the image, both regular and night vision, is excellent. The audio is solid, there is a bit of lag, but that’s to be expected.

“We use her kibble as treats. It is such a huge relief to see her whine for just a few minutes and then settle in to sleep for hours. Customer service has been tremendous and the Facebook group is fun too.”

Where to Buy the Furbo Pet Camera

The Furbo Pet Camera price ranges from $118 to $160 and is available from Amazon or Walmart.

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