Genius Food Storage Labels Restaurants Use—And You Should, Too

Many restaurants have found a solution for keeping food safe—dissolvable food labels. Here’s why disposable food labels

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Nothing is more annoying than when you’re in the midst of cooking a fast dinner, you open your refrigerator to grab ingredients but can’t tell if something has gone bad or not. When was it purchased? When was it opened? Who opened it if you didn’t? Is it now going to go to waste? Hopefully that answer would be no, especially considering roughly half of American produce ends up in a landfill, according to The Guardian. But, you do need to play it safe to avoid food poisoning.

Many restaurants have found a solution—dissolvable food labels. Here’s why disposable food labels, like these from Amazon, are the perfect solution.

  • They are easy to write on: Unlike some labels that are waxy and therefore difficult to write on, these labels make writing with any pen a breeze. You may only need to write the date to help you determine when something should be tossed, but adding an “eat by” date and what is inside the container will make the labels even more useful.
  • They hold up in extreme temperatures: Labels that fall off food storage containers in the freezer are the worst! Luckily, these labels stay put in temperatures from -40 to 176 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • They dissolve quickly when washed, leaving behind no sticky residue: Many reviewers praise how well this product dissolves with minimal effort, one specifically saying: “…when I put them in the dishpan—poof- gone. No sign they were ever there.”
  • They are cost-effective: If you purchase an entire roll, it equates to about $.03 a label. Considering the cost of wasted food, that seems a very small price to pay.
  • They can make for a fun activity with children: Encourage kids to use the labels to mark their leftovers with date, what is inside and when it should be thrown out if not eaten. And, you might want to try one of these 12 kid-friendly DIY projects.

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