Flooring Ideas for the Bedroom

These bedroom flooring ideas help you decide what flooring is best for your bedroom.

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Your master bedroom should make a statement, and one way to do that is with the right flooring choice. Here are bedroom flooring ideas that can elevate the interior design of any home.

Popular Bedroom Flooring Ideas

  • Wood floor: Solid-wood flooring is a perennially popular and timeless choice. There are many solid-wood flooring options that range from light and sustainable bamboo flooring to rich cherry wood. Solid-wood flooring is durable and easy to clean with a dust mop. Plus, you can easily add visual interest (and create a warm landing) with an area rug. The main negative is that solid-wood flooring tends to be the most expensive bedroom flooring choice.

  • Laminate flooring: Laminate flooring, which is a wood-based product created by fusing several layers together, is a less-expensive alternative to solid wood. In addition to mimicking the look of solid wood, laminate is scratch-resistant and easy to install thanks to planks that snap together. While most laminate flooring is not water resistant, some new laminates hitting the market feature a protective layer that resists water.

  • Carpet: Carpet offers many benefits: It’s warm and soft underfoot, comes in countless colors and patterns, muffles noise, helps insulate and retain heat, and some styles are quite affordable.

  • Cheap bedroom flooring ideas: Besides carpet and DIY laminate, other cheap bedroom flooring options that are also stylish include vinyl flooring (check out the newest luxury vinyl options before writing it off!), stained and sealed plywood and carpet tiles. You can even try painting or wallpapering your floors.

Popular Kids’ Bedroom Flooring Ideas

  • Carpet: Carpet keeps small feet toasty and cushions any falls. Opt for durable and easy-to -lean nylon carpet over polypropylene and polyester carpet. You might also consider carpet identified as stain-resistant—it has a protective coating that makes it difficult for stains to penetrate and set into the carpet’s fibers.

  • Carpet tiles: Carpet tiles offer all the benefits of carpet along with easy DIY installation and the option to place tiles wherever you like to create your own design. (Tip: Order a few extra tiles that you can swap in after tough-to-clean accidents.)

  • Cork flooring: Cork is soft and has anti-microbial and anti-static properties. Plus, it’s virtually stain-proof once it’s sealed.

  • Rubber flooring: Rubber is soft, extremely durable, stain-resistant and easy to clean. The downsides are that it’s rather pricey and some varieties are secured with an adhesive that off-gases a small amount of toxic emissions. (Rubber’s density and traction keep it in place, so consider skipping the adhesive.)

Bedroom Flooring Ideas to Skip

  • Ceramic tile flooring: In general, tile and ceramic are both too hard, cold and noisy to be a good bedroom flooring idea.

  • Stone flooring: Like ceramic tile, stone flooring is cold and hard underfoot.

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Amanda Prischak
Amanda Prischak is a freelance writer based in Erie, Pennsylvania.