Festool’s Mobile Sawing Table Helps Pros Work Solo

This table is a boon to construction pros who work alone (or are tired of their back hurting all the time).

Courtesy of Festool

It might be hard to think of a table as “innovative,” but that describes the Festool STM 1800 Mobile Sawing Table perfectly. The table’s game-changing potential lies mainly in its design, which allows the table to be tipped into a stable position that makes loading and unloading large sheets of wood much easier.

“We designed the STM 1800 for users at the jobsite, production shop or small workshop who want a sawing table that is highly mobile and also user-friendly enough for one-person operation,” says Rick Busch, vice president of marketing for Festool. “Any user will quickly realize the increased efficiency and ease of use the STM 1800 provides.”

Bascially, this sawing table eliminates the need for a “helping hand” on the jobsite, making it simpler for construction pros to work solo. The tipping function also helps mitigate back strain by reducing the heavy lifting pros need to do throughout the day.

The smart design choices don’t stop with tipping. There are a bunch of small, clever features packed into the design. Among them: Adjustable height settings; braking rollers that allow it to be easily moved and re-positioned for jobsite flexibility; and wooden supports and coverings across the metal on the table so that materials are not dinged or damaged.

On top of all that, if you own a Festool circular saw and a guide rail, this table can be turned into what is essentially a mobile panel saw. And when you’re finished, the whole thing can be folded into a compact and maneuverable cart form that can be stored smoothly and painlessly in a truck or trailer. 

The Festool STM 1800 Mobile Sawing Table is available for purchase from authorized Festool dealers.

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