Dream Home Upgrades to Create Your Perfect Space: Tips from HGTV’s Good Bones Star, Mina Starsiak

Dream home upgrades to create the perfect space for you: Tips from HGTV’s Good Bones star, Mina Starsiak


If you love home improvement shows, you probably know Mina Starsiak, half of the mother/daughter duo from HGTV’s Good Bones. In addition to preparing for a new baby, Starsiak is also currently designing and building her dream home. These are Mina Starsiak’s personal tips to make sure that your home is perfect for all of your needs!

Subtle Changes Can Make a Big Difference

“Sometimes you don’t need to replace the entire kitchen cabinets or bathroom vanities,” Starsiak explains. “If you simply look into sanding, repainting, or just upgrading the interior handles and knobs, you can get an entirely new look and ‘space.'” Bonus—this is a great way to upgrade on a budget! Sanding for the first time? Check out this tutorial to do the job right.

Program Your Comfort Zone

Starsiak notes that being at home should be the ultimate experience in comfort. “In a dream home, everything about your environment should feel just right–including the temperature. I recently learned that using a programmable thermostat is a great idea to not only make sure my home feels comfortable, but it can also save me money in the long-run, because it’s energy efficient and compatible with my smart HVAC unit. In my new dream home, I just installed the Trane ComfortLink thermostat that has built-in zoning control and makes it super easy to manage comfort levels throughout my house–which is especially important with a new baby on the way!”

Set the Mood

One simple step to make your dream home even more “dreamy” is to trade out your regular light switches for ones with a dimmer. “It’ll help create the vibe you want in your dream home, and if you opt for LED lights, it will be more efficient in the long run,” says Starsiak. Learn how to install a dimmer switch yourself.

Add Some Simple Finishing Touches

Starsiak explains that dream homes are about creating your happy place. “Whichever area in your home brings you the most joy, make it the best it can be. You can add some fun wallpaper or paint to switch things up,” she says. “If you’re creating a cozy nook where you plan on relaxing, simply add a nice throw and a few super soft pillows–whatever makes it feel comfy for you!”

Remember, your dream home is just that—yours. Think about what you really want, what you can afford, and make it your own.

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