Make Your Own Ice Pack with a Sponge for Fast Relief

A frozen sponge in a ziplock bag makes a super-affordable ice pack.

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Ice Pack Materials

Like all truly great life hacks, making this ice pack is simple and requires very few materials. All you are going to need:

  • A sealable plastic bag
  • A big, cheap sponge
  • A large bowl of water

HH Ice Pack Frozen Sponge

How to Make a Homemade Ice Pack

Here are the steps you need to take to transform your sponge into an ice pack:

  1. Take the sponge out of its packaging and place it in the bowl of water for a few minutes.
  2.  Carefully move the soaked sponge into a plastic bag and zip the bag closed.
  3.  Freeze the bagged sponge overnight.

How to Use the Ice Pack

The next morning the sponge inside of the bag will have frozen into a DIY ice pack that you now use to keep the food in your lunch containers colder for longer. If you used a cheap plastic bag to make it, consider double-bagging the ice pack (frozen bag and all) so that water does not leak from it into whatever container you are using it in. When you or whoever is using the ice pack gets home at the end of the day, just toss it back in the freezer so that it can be reused.

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