DIY Dictionary: Style D Roof Edge

Style D roof edge, also known as DL, drip edge or eave drip

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What is Style D Roof Edge?

Style D, also known as “DL,” “drip edge” or “eave drip,” is a type of roof flashing, applied to the edge of a roof prior to shingling. It’s shaped more like a “T” than a “D”—but that’s construction terminology for you. One arm of the “T” extends a couple inches onto the roof, the other arm extends about 1 inch beyond the roof and the lower leg extends about 1 inch down onto the fascia. It performs a variety of functions: It helps protect the edges of exposed plywood and OSB sheathings, it creates a clean edge for supporting the edges of shingles and it helps deflect water away from eave boards and/or into gutters. (Water can easily run 1 inch uphill—Style D prevents that.)

Style D roof edge is usually sold in 10-foot lengths, is available in steel, aluminum and vinyl, and can commonly be found in metallic, white, brown and tan.

Learn how to install Style D roof edge as part of a soffit installation project.

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