DIY Coffee Pod Organizer

This is an easy and inexpensive DIY project to store coffee pods out of the way yet still within easy reach.

HH Keurig pod organization

Organize Your Coffee Pods

Coffee pods can be a disaster to keep organized, but this hack uses simple T-molding as an ideal organization system for Keurig, Nespresso or any other type of coffee pod.

T-molding is designed for wood floor transitions, and it also makes a perfect storage rack for coffee pods because it has grooves for the pods to slide onto. To start, measure the diameter of the top of the coffee pod (to figure out the spacing needed between each piece of molding) and cut the T-molding to the length of your cabinet. Next, predrill screw holes in the racks and screw them to the underside of a cabinet or shelf (ours are 3 in. apart for Keurig pods). For a neater look, use brass screws and finish washers. Prefinished T-molding is available wherever wood flooring is sold. A 4-ft. section costs about $20.

This T-molding design also works great for a wine glass storage rack.

HH Keurig pods wine glass

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