This Simple Trick Dries Wet Dishes in Your Dishwasher

This dishwasher hack will dry your dishes in just five minutes!

Let’s face it. Dishwashers are one of those kitchen appliances most of us can’t live without, and for good reason — they make cleaning up after any meal a breeze. However, it can still be tedious and time-consuming to dry a full rack of dishes if they’re still wet after a wash cycle.

Luckily, influencer Barbara Costello, the cleaning hack lifesaver with the TikTok handle @brunchwithbabs, has a better idea. In this video, Babs — who calls herself Grandma Babs — teaches viewers how to skip hand-drying with this hack.

Grandma Babs is no stranger to dishwasher hacks. Through her 2.7 million TikTok following, she’s taught users tons of cleaning hacks, like how to load a dishwasher the right way.

The Dishwasher Drying Hack


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Rather than letting your dishes sit in the dishwasher for three days until they dry, as one user commented, Babs showed us an easy trick to speed the process.

According to Babs, simply grab a terrycloth dish towel. Then at the end of the cleaning cycle, place the towel inside the door of the dishwasher and close it. Wait five minutes, and bam — the dishes are dry and ready to be put away!

This isn’t the only dishwasher hack we’ve learned from TikTok. Did you know you can also put aluminum foil in your dishwasher to make your flatware shine like new? We put this hack to the test and it actually worked.

However, not everything you read on TikTok is a good idea. One viral hack suggested putting your toilet seat in the dishwasher. Epidemiologists warn you should never attempt this hack because it spreads bacteria from the toilet seat to the other items in your dishwasher during and after that wash cycle.

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