How to Open Your Garage Door From Your Phone

Did you remember to close the garage door? Did it stay closed? Would you like to have your garage door(s) automatically close at a certain time? You can with a retrofit Wi-Fi controller kit.

How to Install a Garage Door Control Sensor

Attach the door sensor to the top panel using screws or double-face tape. The sensor tells the controller whether the door is open or closed.

garage door opener app controller

1. Mount the Garage Door Opener Controller

Locate the controller near the AC outlet and screw it to the ceiling. The controller receives commands from your phone or tablet and relays them to your garage door opener.

2. Consider Using a Retrofit Kit & Additional Sensors

You can install the system yourself in about 30 minutes. Retrofit Wi-Fi kits come with only one door sensor. You can buy additional sensors if you have more than one opener (about $37 each). We chose the Chamberlain MyQ Garage unit for this application (about $80 at electronics stores) because it controls two garage doors and doesn’t require any additional wiring.

There are a multitude of apps that allow you to open your garage door from your phone so it’s worth doing a little comparison shopping beforehand to find one that supports your opener, the size of your doors, and the number of users that will be needing to open the door by phone.

3. Check the Signal Strength

Use your smartphone or tablet to check the Wi-Fi signal in your garage. If you get a good signal, jot down the makes and models of your openers and check the controller manufacturer’s website to be sure they’re compatible.

4. Download & Configure the Control App

Download the app, plug in the controller and synch it to your home’s Wi-Fi. Next, install a sensor on each garage door (Photo 1). Mount the controller on the ceiling above one of the openers (Photo 2) and plug it in. Follow the app commands to pair the controller to the sensors and to each garage door. Once paired, the MyQ Garage controller opens and closes the garage door wirelessly using the app.