North America’s Largest Construction Expo Partners With Associations for Women in Construction

Women in construction do not usually get much of a spotlight. The next ConExpo-Con/AGG aims to change that.

Courtesy of ConExpo-Con/AGG

ConExpo-Con/AGG is the biggest construction trade show in North America, representing concrete, earthmoving, asphalt, aggregates and more. For their next show, ConExpo-Con hopes to expand their horizons even further by bringing a closer focus to women in the construction trades, with some help from a few key associations.

“As the largest construction industry-focused trade show in North America, ConExpo-Con/AGG seeks to draw attention to and celebrate the important role women play in the industry,” said Dana Wuesthoff, ConExpo-Con/AGG show director.

In order to accomplish that goal it was recently announced that ConExpo-Con is partnering with two associations centered around women in construction, the National Association of Women in Construction (NAWIC) and Women of Asphalt (WOFA). The partnership will allow these associations to work together, pooling resources to highlight women in the trades and the day-to-day experiences of female construction workers.

“Working together, ConExpo-Con/AGG, NAWIC and WOFA will not only showcase women industry leaders, but reinforce the career growth potential for women, who today represent a small percentage of the workforce and the opportunity to diversify the industry,” said Wuesthoff.

Women make up slightly under 10 percent of the total workers in the construction industry. But in an industry facing a looming labor shortage that only threatens to get worse, women also represent a potential workforce. In order to attract more women to construction jobs the construction industry needs to take more steps to accommodate to their specific needs.

“As our industry continues to grapple with a labor shortage, women are poised to help play a greater role in all areas of construction,” said Chrissy Ingram, executive administrator of NAWIC National. “By teaming with ConExpo-Con/AGG, organizations like NAWIC and WOFA can help women thrive in a male-dominated industry.”

The partnership between ConExpo-Con/AGG, NAWIC and WOFA will include a breakfast event centered around a discussion on the experiences of women on the jobsite, particularly in regards to productivity and safety. There will also be a panel discussion featuring social media influencers who will contribute to a discussion centered around how social media can be used to recruit new hires, as well as some of the challenges facing the changing industry.

ConExpo-Con/AGG is scheduled to take place March 14-20 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Registration is open now.

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