We Tried the TikTok-Approved Chomp Wall Mop for High Walls and Ceilings

You'll no longer have to stand on a chair when cleaning out-of-reach areas, thanks to the Chomp wall mop.

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If you’re like me, you put off daunting cleaning tasks. And if you’ve ever washed a ceiling, you’ll agree it’s one of those chores. Dragging around a ladder, bucket and rag is not my idea of fun, and I’ve done it too many times to count. Luckily, I’ve found an effortless solution to change my method and get the job done quicker.

Meet the Chomp long-handle wall cleaner and wall cleaner spray. This viral TikTok combo impressed me enough (consider me influenced) that I had to test it for myself. Now I can confirm that from baseboards to ceilings to the painted walls in between, the Chomp wall mop makes cleaning remarkably easy and fast.

What is the Chomp wall mop?

Disassembled Wall MopSheri Kaz/Family Handyman

In my opinion, the Chomp wall mop is the greatest invention since the sponge. The teardrop-shaped swiveling mop head gets into tight corners with ease, and since the mop weighs less than 1.5 pounds, it’s simple to maneuver and doesn’t cause fatigue.

The 3-foot telescoping aluminum handle extends to 5 feet to reach ceilings, walls and baseboards. With no rough edges, this mop is gentle on delicate surfaces. Mine came with a fluffy dusting mitt and two microfiber cleaning mitts that fit on the plastic mop head. The mitts are machine washable, and you can buy additional replacement mitts once you’ve worn yours out. You can also get a bucket strainer to remove excess water, in the case you submerge the mop in a bucket.

The wall cleaner solution (sold separately) is a plant-based cleaner that works better than anything I’ve ever used to clean walls. It’s powerful and gentle—and worth every penny. It comes in a convenient 32-ounce spray bottle and your choice of four scents: Flannel Sheets, Holiday Hearth, Summer Sun and Meadow Breeze (the scent I tried).

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Chomp Wall Mop Features

Cleaning wall with wall mopSheri Kaz/Family Handyman

The swiveling mop head makes moving from ceiling to wall effortless, and tilts from side to side and up to down to flow with every move. For more stability, the mop head has an adjustable wing nut to tighten the tension. Plus, the adjustable handle is handy for hallways and tight spaces. So, if you find yourself at a weird angle or need to navigate around obstacles, the Chomp wall mop gracefully adapts.

Cleaning with this wall mop is fast. It glides along surfaces without wasting time rinsing, wringing or hand scrubbing. And when used with the cleaning spray, the mop is dripless. The mitts are interchangeable, from dusting to scrubbing, and they’re machine washable.

How We Tested It

It’s been almost four years since I washed my kitchen ceiling, and it was beyond disgusting. I started with the dirtiest areas first. I sprayed the mitt with the cleaner, but found that spraying the wall was the most effective way to remove tough stains.

Once I saw how effective the cleaner was, I had to look at the ingredients list again. How could this plant-based cleaner work so well? It’s a magical mystery how one swipe of the mop lifted four years of smoke, grease and grime from my ventless kitchen. Of course, it took a few more spritzes and swipes for the toughest dirt, but they required significantly less effort than my former methods and products. (I even called my BFF to share my amazement and delight.)

The mop head and soft mitt wipe away the dirt without damaging the walls, and the pointed edge fits into the corners and narrow areas, unlike my clumsy floor mop. It took a few minutes to get comfortable handling the rotating mop head, so I adjusted the tension screw to keep it steady. The only problem I encountered was that the head popped off twice during the process due to my twisting and turning it counter-clockwise to clean the narrow areas above my cabinets. I rinsed the dirty mitt in the sink, used the bucket strainer to remove the excess water and went over the area again. Much to my surprise, I pulled up more grime without using additional spray.

After such incredible results in the kitchen, I was excited to tackle the bathroom ceiling. Without a proper vent, mildew usually forms in the corners. Every month, I’d put a step stool in the bathtub to hand scrub the ceiling. Not anymore! The mop’s adjustable handle worked great in this cramped space, and the head worked like a charm in the corners—without a step stool. With the help of my new bath fan and the Chomp wall mop, my problems are over.

As far as the wall cleaner goes, the scent is pleasant and left my house smelling great. If you’re sensitive to smell, be wary, as the fragrance was heavy while working with the product with the windows closed. It’s not a deal breaker for me because the results are stellar. You don’t have to use the cleaner with the wall mop, but I highly recommend it if you have built-on grime.


  • Pivoting mop head
  • Shaped for corners
  • Weighs less than 1.5 pounds
  • Telescoping handle extends to 5 feet
  • Fast and easy-to-use
  • Damage-free microfiber mop
  • Safely cleans baseboards, walls and ceilings
  • No bending or squatting needed
  • Cleaner doesn’t require rinsing
  • Plant-based ingredients
  • Made in the USA


  • Cleaner contains fragrance allergens

What Other Reviewers Had to Say

With over 5,000 five-star ratings on Amazon, customers love the ease and convenience of the Chomp wall mop.

Five-star reviewer, Rose Swan, writes, “I didn’t really doubt that it would work, but WOW. I did not think it would work THAT well. It cleared up years of even the grimiest spots on the wall with ease. Note I did buy and use the recommended spray from the same company, so that likely helped as I have heard that that spray alone is also just really effective!”

“Love this!!! Perfect for cleaning walls, ceilings and tall windows safely and without any issue!” shares verified purchaser, Jennifer Parker.

“Cleaning walls is not my favorite thing. Plus, being vertically challenged made it harder as I had to carry a step stool around with me just to do it. And let’s not think about how uncomfortable getting low was when you have a bad knee,” says Rosa Alvarez, another five-star reviewer. “So, this thing is a lifesaver. Plus, it makes the chore quick. I can either spray the wall with my cleaner, or spray the cloth, and off I go. It reaches all the top corners and all the low angles. No more climbing or bending.”

Final Verdict

Before and After cleaning wallSheri Kaz/Family Handyman

It was fun seeing immediate results on my filthy ceilings, and it felt like my old kitchen had a makeover. It was fresh and clean, and it felt like the cloud hanging over my head had lifted. The kitchen was brighter—and I was happier.

I love this lightweight and sturdy tool. The shape and size are perfect for mobility and ease of use. Cleaning corners with the wall mop and cleaning spray is a game changer. What I accomplished in 1.5 hours would have taken 4 hours with my drippy old methods and ladder-toting ways.

It was comfortable for a 5-foot person to clean an 8-foot ceiling without breaking a sweat. It’s easy on the body, with no bending or squatting required. This product saves time and money with no need for ladders and buckets or going to the expense of repainting. I’ll never use anything else to wash my ceilings and walls again. I’m in love!

Where to Buy the Chomp Wall Mop

Wall Mop and its packagingvia Merchant

If you want a healthier home and sparkling walls, the Chomp wall mop and wall cleaner are the instantaneous solution. They’re both available on Amazon for $40 and $25, respectively. Get the results you want faster and easier with this long-handle wall mop and duster!

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