What’s a Bladeless Ceiling Fan and Does It Really Work?

Ever hear of a bladeless ceiling fan?  Neither had I.  So we tried one out, and I have to say I'm still a bit confused.

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I’m into lighting. Good or bad, it’s the first thing I notice in every space I set foot in. I’d even go as far as to say that if I could start my career over, I’d love to get into the lighting design field.

When chatting with friends on a recent outing, someone mentioned a bladeless ceiling fan. Bladeless? How could that be? Intrigued, I looked it up and found the modern and sleek Orren Ellis Integrated LED Bladeless Ceiling Fan.  The photos on Wayfair and its unique design hooked me, so I ordered one. It showed up on my doorstep a few days later.

What is the Orren Ellis LED Bladeless Ceiling Fan?

Orren Ellis is a home furnishings design brand specializing in contemporary furniture and lighting. Though it markets this 20-1/2-in.-wide product as bladeless, it just means the blades aren’t exposed; there’s a 13-inch fan hidden inside the frame. The perimeter features a dimmable two-inch-wide LED ring.

Operators control fan speed and the LED light with a compact remote control, which comes with batteries and a mounting harness.

The fan showed up in a large cardboard box, which contained more bright-white Styrofoam than actual fan components. The fan is small and light, weighing less than seven pounds. It shipped with a remote and a single page of vague installation instructions.

How We Tested It

Our small, windowless den seems like the perfect place for a new ceiling fan with a bright LED light. So I pulled out my electrical tools, shut off the breaker and got to work. I was curious to see how powerful the fan was, the brightness and dimmability of the LED light, and how user-friendly the remote control was.

Performance Review

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First off, the images on Wayfair’s website don’t accurately portray the lighting’s design and size. The images show what seems to be a low-profile, surface-mounted light. Once I had the fan in my hands, I realized the images cut off more than half the body.  On top of that, three of the four listed dimensions were inaccurate. The biggest discrepancy: The fan’s opening is three inches larger than its actual size!

Because the fan uses an integrated LED light source, there are never any bulbs to change. But that means if the lights ever burn out, there’s no way to repair them without a fair amount of electrical knowledge and steady-handed soldering skills.

The fan was up in no time. Its ultra-light weight was an unexpected gift of the installation process. Once up, the Orren Ellis fan looked nice and the dimmable LED lights were surprisingly bright and bold.

The light has three color settings — warm yellowish, cool blueish, and a mixture of both that feels like normal incandescent light. For its size, the three-speed fan is breezy and powerful. Even the remote is foolproof and easy to comprehend.

Final Verdict

Though its size, shape, and description leave something to be desired, the Orren Ellis LED Bladeless Ceiling Fan has some redeeming qualities. Its bright and adjustable light, easy-to-use remote control and compact contemporary design make it perfect for small and dark spaces like basement bedrooms, dens and walk-in closets.


  • Compact size;
  • No bulbs to switch;
  • Bright and dimmable LED lights;
  • User friendly remote control;
  • Lightweight;
  • Modern design.


  • Small;
  • Unusual design.

Where to Buy

Led Bladeless Ceiling Fan With Remote Control And Light Kit Included Ecomm Wayfair.comvia merchant

The Orren Ellis LED Bladeless Ceiling Fan with Remote Control is available from Wayfair.

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