4 Best Ways to Blow Up Pool Floaties

Don't let a bunch of uninflated pool toys deflate your summer fun. Here are some of the best ways to blow 'em up.

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Nothing quite unlocks the potential of a summer at the pool like some fun floaties to lounge and splash on. But blowing up a bunch of inflatable floaties is no day at the beach, and can take a long time if you’re relying on lung power alone. Here’s a look at some of the best tools to blow up pool floaties that won’t leave you gasping for breath.

Electric Air Pump from swim floatiesvia homedepot.com

Electric Pump

In most situations, an electric air pump is the ideal tool for inflating pool floaties. Because they’re made for inflating small things, you don’t have to worry as much about over-inflating or popping your kid’s favorites.

Keep an eye out for models with a setting that reverses the airflow, which comes in super handy when it’s time to deflate everything. Make sure you use the electric air pump far from the pool so a splash of water doesn’t ruin it.

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Air Compressor to blow up pool floatiesvia amazon.com

Air Compressor

With an attachment kit, your air compressor can fill up all kinds of things, from floaties to basketballs. Remember, though, that the typical air compressor produces way more air pressure than an electric pump, so you could easily over-inflate and damage your pool toys if you’re not paying attention. Just take it slow and steady and you’ll be fine.

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Bike Pump to blow up pool floatiesvia amazon.com

Bike Pump

It might not be the best method for inflating a barrage of floaties, but a bike pump works great if you just need one or two toys pumped up for a day at the beach. You’ll need to purchase an adapter and your arms might get tired. But working those muscles will help you appreciate your relaxing time in the pool even more.

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Handy Hint HH flamingo blow up pool toy shop vac nozzleFamily Handyman

Shop Vacuum

This method is a little less conventional, but you can absolutely use your shop vac to fill up pool inflatables.

First, grab the top of used squeeze bottle (anything with a pointed nozzle will do) and clean it out. Once it’s dry, attach the nozzle to the end of your shop vac hose with duct tape. Make sure the other end of the hose connects to the exhaust port. Then turn the vacuum on. The shop vac will give you an unlimited supply of air pressure to fill up your floaties.

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