Best Smart Locks for 2019

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Smart locks let you automatically lock your door, give guests temporary access and check your lock from miles away. Here are three great locks to consider.

If you’ve ever stood outside your door fumbling for your keys, or hoped no one finds the spare key hidden for the pet sitter because you didn’t have time for a key handoff before vacation, you’ll appreciate the conveniences smart locks offer. Different brands let you automatically unlock your door as you approach, create codes to allow visitors access and remotely trigger your lock while you’re miles away. Here are three of our favorite smart locks, based on professional and customer reviews. For more information, check out best smart home security systems for 2019.

Best for Renters: August Smart Lock, 3rd Generation, $149


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This entry-level smart lock attaches to your existing deadbolt, making installation easy and letting you keep the same physical key. Bluetooth technology lets you unlock the door via a smartphone app or set it to automatically unlock when it senses your phone approaching. The lock includes August’s DoorSense technology to tell when your door is closed and can be set to automatically lock. You can issue visitors temporary access if they download the app.

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Variety of Features: Yale Assure SL, $299

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The Yale Assure SL Connected, by August, incorporates August Home technology into a Yale lock. You can set your phone to automatically unlock the door within Bluetooth range or use the integrated keypad to get into your house. There’s a version of the lock with a keyway, too. Guests can get unique passcodes or a virtual key to enter, and access can automatically expire.

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Wi-Fi Included: Schlage Encode, $249


The Schlage Encode lets you set up to 100 unique passcodes that are either permanent, set to expire or offer recurring access according to a schedule. A built-in alarm will sound if the lock senses an attempted break-in, and you can set the door to automatically lock when you leave.

Built-in Wi-Fi means no hub is needed to connect the Schlage Encode to other devices, although you’ll probably need to change batteries more often than locks that rely on Bluetooth. (Schlage estimates batteries will last six months.)

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