Best Paint Colors for Your Home’s Hangout Room

If you're looking to create an at-home hangout room, choose the right color to set the desired vibe. Here's advice on seven strong options.

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As everyone spends more time at home, the desire to temporarily walk away from everyday life is growing. In the past, some have called these safe havens man caves or she sheds. But whatever you call it, that room to hang out in feels like more of a necessity than a luxury.

The good news is, you don’t need to add on to your home. “People are even turning formal living rooms into more casual rooms where the whole family can just chill,” says Cindy Gelormini, a professional decorating and color consultant.

Whether you reinvent a spare room, the basement or an outdoor shed, choosing the right paint color can serve as the starting point that sets the tone. Let’s play board games, let’s watch the baseball game or let’s just listen to some gentle nature sounds — choose your color based on how you want to feel when you’re in the room.

Navyvia Benjamin Moore

Navy Blue

Want to give your hangout room a cool nightclub vibe but can’t bring yourself to paint the walls black? Gelormini says a good alternative is Newburyport Blue. Incorporate a leather couch and hang some cool neon lights, and the next thing you know you might be charging cover at the door!

Bedroom with green walls and natural materialsvia


For a hangout room with a mountain lodge feel, stick with green paint, suggests Gelormini. “Opt for greens that are darker, like Oakmoss green which feels warm and cozy, not something bright,” she says. Darker hues of green are really earthy, reminiscent of pine trees and nature. They pair well with a beige couch, stone fireplace and hardwood floors.

grayvia Shewin-Williams

Light Gray

To create a technology-free space that gives you a sense of calm, choose light gray paint. You might even enjoy a light gray with subtle undertones of color like Quiet Moments,  which is soothing. “Grays are naturally soft and calming,” Gelormini says. “If all your other rooms are gray this will flow well with the other rooms. It’s a subtle blue-green that looks great with warm grays and taupe.”

Turquoise Living Room Gettyimages 838177400asbe/Getty Images


These greenish blue hues are reminiscent of the ocean and the sandy shore. Painting a hangout room a shade of turquoise like Larchmere will give it energy and liveliness, just like being at the beach. “These colors go really well with beige and gray furniture because the walls look the color of the ocean and the furniture the color of sand,” says Gelormini. You’ll feel like there’s a beach in your home!

grey and white printed blackout curtainsvia

Deep Gray

If you’re looking to make your hangout room a real showstopper, go bold with a deeper gray-blue color like Black Pepper or Almost Black. Gelormini says darker paint colors create more drama than brighter ones. “This color looks great against brick and stone so it looks good with a brick or stone fireplace,” she says. “Also, a big TV looks better against this deep gray blue.”

Bedroom with white walls and a blue ceilingvia


White paint like Maritime White gives a room an ethereal, clean, light look. Perhaps you want to use your hangout room as a quiet place to meditate or read, featuring some healthy indoor plants. “Layers of area rugs, blankets and throws, and knobby, knitted pillows will add texture to the room to give it a warmer, cozy feeling,” says Gelormini.

Purple paintvia


A deep purple can elicit the feeling of being in a Broadway theater. Deep shades of purple like Plum Brown work great if you want to turn your hangout room into a home theater. Gelormini suggests painting the walls and ceiling a deep, dark plum for that classic theatrical atmosphere.