The Best Fabrics and Flooring for Pet Owners

Not every surface in your home is pet friendly. Whether you have a cat, a dog or any other little critter as a pet, here are five of the best fabric and flooring options for pet owners.


Not every surface in your home is pet friendly. Whether you have a cat, a dog or any other little critter as a pet, here are five of the best fabric and flooring options for pet owners.

Best Fabrics for Pet Owners


It may come as a surprise, but leather is one of the top fabric choices for pet owners. “Leather sofas are extremely durable and only look better with age. Leather is also pretty odor resistant and most stains and spills can be easily wiped off with a cloth,” according to Bassett Furniture. While leather can scratch, those scratches can often be buffed out.

* In the furniture world, leather is considered a fabric.


Since microfiber fabric is so dense, cat dander and fur can easily be vacuumed up off of it. However, there is another way with this brilliant pet hair remover trick. If you have a microfiber couch, you can use a lint or pet roller daily to remove fur, according to San Francisco Gate.


Poly-Nylon is 95-percent polyester, 5-percent nylon and has an ultra-dense weave that not only prohibits penetration of pet hair, but it prevents your pet from sticking his or her claws in the weave. Furniture company APT2B says that poly-nylon fabric is a great choice if you primarily have dogs as pets.

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If you like patterns and have pets, you’re in luck because patterns are good at hiding not only pet fur, but stains as well. “Just make sure to choose the color palette based on the color of your pet(s). If your pet(s) have dark fur, stick with a pattern that includes darker colors. If your pet(s) has light-colored fur, choose a light pattern,” suggests Bassett Furniture.

Performance Fabrics

Some furniture makers have their own version of “performance fabrics,” which are not only soft, but are durable, stain-resistant and easy to clean. Furniture company Joybird suggests that no matter what fabric you choose, pet owners should opt for darker colors as they are best for hiding dirt and stains. “No matter what, light fabric will always show marks and stains faster, especially in high-traffic areas. Opt for a darker color instead,” the company notes.

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Best Flooring for Pet Owners


While hardwood is one of the most popular flooring options, there are some things to consider if you have pets. Sebring Design Build, a design and remodeling company, notes hardwood lovers should opt for harder woods to prevent pet scratches and scuffs. Good options include cherry, maple, hickory, oak, elm and mahogany. If you like the look of hardwood but want something tougher, try manufactured hardwood, which has the look of wood but is much more durable. Easily repair pet claw marks on wood doors with this tip.


Cork is one of the best choices when it comes to flooring for pet owners because it is naturally antimicrobial, meaning it will help keep your home free of mold and other allergens. Flooring Inc. notes cork requires minimal maintenance, but it is not water resistant, so you’ll have to make sure to clean up immediately after any pet accidents.

Stone Tile

Stone tile is a great choice for flooring for pet owners as it is resistant to stains and scratches. Wayfair also notes tile makes for easy cleaning after pet accidents.


“Due to its sturdy, durable and stylish nature, bamboo offers a unique wood flooring option that appeals to dog-loving homeowners,” according to Flooring Inc. The flooring company notes bamboo works well for dogs because it’s durable and stylish. However, since it is a kind of wood, it is sensitive to moisture, so again, be sure to clean up any accidents right away.


Since concrete resists scratches of all kinds and is easy to clean, the American Kennel Club recognizes it as a great option for pet owners. Since concrete can be chilly under foot (or paw), consider radiant floor heating or an easy-to-wash rug to make the floor more cozy. Check out these clever and unusual ideas about how to make your pet happier, healthier and more comfortable.

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