What Is HomeKit? All About the Apple Home Automation System

If you’re a raving fan of Apple or just happen to own one of their devices, HomeKit may be the best choice for your future smart home automation system.

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With smart home technology becoming more commonplace in today’s digital age, picking the right smart home system may seem like a daunting task. Whether you’re a raving fan of Apple or you just happen to own one of their devices, HomeKit (the Apple home automation system) may be the best choice for your future smart home command center.

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What Is HomeKit?

Apple’s HomeKit is a software platform that enables users to automate, control and communicate with their smart home devices and appliances. Users can control all of their HomeKit accessories through Apple’s Home app. From lights, security cameras, thermostats, garage doors and even humidifiers—HomeKit is a one-stop-shop for your home automation needs.

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How to Use HomeKit

To get started with HomeKit, you will need an Apple device updated with their latest iOS. HomeKit works with iPhones, Apple desktops, Apple laptops and even Apple watches. Download the Apple Home app, which is what you’ll use to control all of your HomeKit accessories.

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If you want to control your smart home products while you’re away, you also need to have a central hub in your home. Apple TV, HomePod and iPad can all serve as that hub.

One of the many benefits of using HomeKit is that there are several non-Apple smart home products that are compatible with HomeKit. For your reference: A complete list of smart home products that will work with the HomeKit system. Apple assures its reviewed and approved all, for security purposes.

Consider Your Internet Speed

If you plan on using several smart home devices in your HomeKit system, it’s imperative that you have reliable internet speeds. The general rule of thumb is 5mbps for every 10 smart home devices you plan on having in your home. Dedicate another 5mbps if you’re installing smart home cameras. For more information, here’s a guide to home automation protocols.

Before you spend the money upgrading your internet speeds, try boosting your Wi-Fi signal yourself. Tactics to help include turning off the Wi-Fi functionality of devices you aren’t using, moving your router off the ground or into a higher position and putting your router closer to the middle of the room, according to high-speed internet provides Frontier.

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Why Use HomeKit?

Especially if you’re one of the 100 million people in the U.S. who own an iPhone, integrating HomeKit into your personal technology stack will be seamless and effortless. Affordable, too. The Home app is free to use, and you can install as many or as few HomeKit-compatible devices as you want, and expand your smart home at your own pace. HomeKit is also easy to set up, making it a great smart home automation system for both beginners and experts. Learn more about smart home devices you’ll love.

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