ADT vs. Other Home Security Systems

This is how ADT stacks up against five key competitors including Vivint, SimpliSafe and Ring.

ADT home security has been around for almost 150 years. The company created the first security system, which was based on a button that could alert authorities when a homeowner needed help. This simple button has grown into a business with more than six million customers. While ADT is inveterate, there are many other home security companies to consider. Here’s how they compare to ADT.

ADT vs. SimpliSafe

One of the biggest differences between ADT and SimpliSafe is that ADT requires customers to have a contract, while SimpliSafe does not. SimpliSafe also has a more affordable monthly fee of $15 — ADT currently starts at $37, so more than double. Otherwise these two companies are similar in their device offerings, and both systems can be easily DIYed.

One more difference: ADT still offers a wired security system, while all SimpliSafe systems are wireless.

ADT vs. Ring

As with SimpliSafe, Ring has no contract and its monthly fee is just $10, nearly four times cheaper than ADT. Ring also has a fantastic app that can connect you to your neighbors for a virtual neighborhood watch, and they offer the option of solar power for many of their devices.

One big feature that ADT has and Ring doesn’t: Wearable panic and medical alert buttons. These are ideal for those who live alone or have mobility issues, allowing you to call for help no matter where your are in your home.

ADT vs. Brinks

Brinks is another well-respected home security company. At $29, Brinks’ monthly fee is a little lower than ADT’s. Otherwise, the two companies are evenly matched in what types of security devices and services they offer. Also, Brinks and ADT both require a three-year contract and offer wired and wireless systems.

ADT vs. FrontPoint

The biggest difference? ADT requires a three-year contract, while FrontPoint lets customers go with month-to-month contracts. FrontPoint’s starting packages are more affordable as well.

Another key difference is that FrontPoint’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) can learn your routine. When something is out of the ordinary, the system will trigger an alert that’s sent to your app. For example, if your home is usually empty during the day and someone is in your home at noon, then the system will notice that unusual activity and let you know. FrontPoint doesn’t offer wired systems, though.

ADT vs. Vivint

Security experts love Vivint. This company, like ADT, has a wide range of smart security devices. It also offers 24-7 monitoring and the ability to link your security system with other smart devices in your home, so they can all be run from one app and work together.

There are two big differences between the two companies, though. ADT’s monthly fee of $37 is nearly double Vivint’s $20 per month. And ADT offers wired and wireless systems, while Vivint is strictly wireless.