This New App Keeps Home Pros on Speed Dial

Updated: Oct. 17, 2023

The company calls it "the future of home services."

A new home improvement app is coming to help DIYers get the expert advice they need.

Called Abe, the app — currently in beta stages — promises to revolutionize the way we make home repairs. Better yet, it also offers money-making opportunities for skilled renovators to provide assistance to DIYers anywhere in the world.

Here’s everything we know about Abe so far, including how it works, the issues it covers, how you can use it and more.

What Is Abe?

According to the company’s October 15 press release, Abe will offer “immediate on-demand video consultations between local pros and homeowners.” Its goal: Providing instant, affordable assistance to anyone working on home renovations.

“Instead of endless YouTube searches or calling someone for minor tasks, homeowners can lean on Abe,” says Isaac Kamsin, CEO and founder of Abe. “Think of it as a fusion between Uber and Telehealth, but tailored for home services.”

If he’s right, you’ll never need to search for a reputable handyman again.

How Does Abe Work?

This New App Keeps Home Pros On Speed Dial AbeCourtesy Abe

Abe’s website claims the app’s user-friendly interface features a “Quick Call” button. Pressing it connects you with home renovation experts around the world, based on your needs and price range. Fellow DIYers vet them on a one- to five-star rating system, and the experts themselves set their rates.

What Home Issues Can Abe Experts Help with?

Abe’s website lists dozens of potential projects, large and small. Abe could walk you through a home repair like a “leaky toilet, clogged drain or faulty appliance.” Or it could just as easily help you “mount a flat-screen TV […] restore faded woodwork [… or ] install new light features.”

How Can I Use Abe?

Currently, the app is in an “invite-only beta phase.” However, homeowners hoping to connect with experts can join the waiting list to use the app at

Conversely, if you’re an expert hoping to offer your services on Abe, join the expert waiting list at