5 Brilliantly Easy Ways to Get Paid for Your Clutter

Thinking about doing some spring cleaning? Instead of chucking your stuff, use these websites to score a few bucks for them instead.

As great as that tablet was two years ago and no matter how fabulous those leather leggings seemed, are they really serving you well these days? Are you ever really going to grease yourself up so you can slide into those pants just one more time? If don’t intend to use any of the items that are hogging precious real estate in your closet or attic, you might as well nab some cash or credit for them. Try listing them on one of these sites, which make scoring a buck easy peasy:

Used cell phones and tablets: With gazelle.com, even if your items are damaged, you can still pop them in an envelope, slap on the prepaid label and ship them off. Once they inspect your stuff, you can get paid for its value.

Electronic devices: With NextWorth, you can get a quote on your used computer or old stereo speakers; then ship it to them for free. They will wipe your data, and send you your money via check or PayPal.

Clothing: The site thredup.com will buy adult and kids’ clothing, which you can mail in using the bag they provide. Their team will then sort through your gently used garments and price them. Whatever they deem unusable will be donated to charities that they have partnered with (but if you want them returned, be prepared to pay a $12.99 fee). ThredUp will pay you up 80 percent of the resale value and either give you shopping credits or send you cash via Paypal. (But think twice about donating these items.)

Gift cards: With Cardpool, you can trade in those unused gift cards. Sure, they may not take up a lot space, but if you don’t have plans to use them, you might as well get some bucks or at the very least get a gift card you will use. The site will allow you to sell or trade your card for a price based on what it is worth, as determined by its popularity.

Everything else: Ebay.com, established in 1997, has become a much loved place to auction just about anything. There are usually about 800 million different items being sold at any given time. One of the strangest items sold was a 10-year-old grilled cheese sandwich with a charred pattern resembling a portrait of the Virgin Mary. It fetched a cool $28,000. That’s not the norm, of course, but think of it as a global yard sale for anything at all that you’re ready to pass along.

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