3 Tools Pros Use on the Regular and DIYers Should, Too

You won't be sorry you splurged on these pro-quality, DIY-friendly tools.

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Dewalt 3 Beam Self-Leveling Laser

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This laser has been a game changer for me. From laying out tile, and building straight walls, to allowing my wife to hang pictures up perfectly straight in our home. I definitely have justified buying this self-leveling laser over and over again. It shines two plumb beams at a 90-degree angle that cross at a perfectly plumb intersection below and above the tool and also has a level horizontal beam. The rare earth magnets let you mount it to metal surfaces or the mounting bracket that comes with the kit. It can also be threaded onto a tripod making height adjustment quick and easy. You can find them at home centers and online for around $290. Next, check out these pro-recommended painting tools.

GRX 735 Gloves Cut Resistant Gloves

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These are great gloves for anyone who may handle any glass, metal, or wood. They will stand up to the demands of a pro and the DIYer cleaning up their garage, you can never be to careful cleaning your garage after completing a big project. The palms are nitrile dipped, the backs are breathable, and the extra reinforcement where most gloves will help these gloves to last. They have a middle of the road cut resistance rating so they will protect your hands from lots of things you’ll run into while not being too heavy duty. You can find them at local lumber yards and contractor supplies companies for around $15.

Irwin Vise-Grip Plumbing pliers

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These are great for pro plumbers and DIYers, alike. DIYers who would rather grab a set of pliers than look for a wrench set will love that they no longer have to figure out what size wrench they need for a quick job. They are easy and fast to adjust to whatever size you may need. They are great for plumbing applications because of their smooth and always parallel jaw, which will keep hardware from marring while installing. It also works really well for tightening nuts and bolts, it will clamp a hex nut perfectly with the parallel jaw and wont mar and strip them like other pliers will. They come in an 8” and a 10” version for $24 and $30 respectively. Find them at home centers and online. Next, check out ALL of the stuff we love.

Watch this video to learn more about why we think these three tools are worth the money: