3 Tools DIYers Will Use Around the House All the Time

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There are a million tools and gadgets you can fill your toolbox with, but there are three in particular that really carry their own weight with DIY projects.

Milwaukee Installation Drill/Driver

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This is a great drill for those homeowners who need just one compact drill to do all types of tasks around their home. It’s also perfect for pros when access takes priority over power. The shape of the drill lets you drill holes and drive screws tight against walls and in small spaces like cabinet drawers and under car hoods, but the four quick and easy attachments really take it to the next level—especially the offset and 90-degree attachments. And there is a convenient magnet to store you bits right on the drill.

One things you’ll have to get used to with this driver is the position of the forward/reverse button on top of the drill rather than where it typically sits at your fingertip on other drills.

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The worst part of wearing kneepads are the straps that dig into the backs of your knees. It’s the reason I don’t like wearing them at all. Magknee has come up with a solution using magnets to hold the padding inside your pants and that means no more straps.

They work by sandwiching your pants between two pairs of strong magnets between the padding and the hard cap keeping it in place while you work. And if you’re worried about scratching the floor your kneeling on take the magnet strap off and use it without the hard plastic cap.

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Velcro Industrial-Strength Hook-and-Loop Fasteners

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These are awesome little fasteners to use in your shop, garage, basement, office and all over your house. And if you’ve got these Velcro brand industrial hook-and-loop fasteners at the ready, you’re going to invent ways to make them work for you. They stick really well to just about everything and the hook portion of the fastener is really rigid, helping them stick tight to the loop portion.

You’re going to be glad you have a few of these on hand and will be surprised at what kinds of uses you’ll come up with for them.

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