3 Shop Tools DIYers Always Reach For

Seriously, we can't get enough of these!

A Longer-Pin Pinner

FH19MAR_592_18_01-1200 dewalt 23-gauge pinnerFamily Handyman

DeWalt has introduced a micro pinner that can fire 2-in. pins recessed into oak. It’s affordable, too. Many other name-brand versions that can do this cost at least twice as much. Learn how to use a trim nailer here.

This 23-gauge pin nailer excels at pinning together delicate material, leaving barely visible nail holes, and holding edge banding while the glue sets. It features a simple jam release latch to make removing jammed pins a cinch. And because it stops firing when you run out of nails, you don’t have to worry that you’ve been shooting blanks. You can get this pin nailer for about $150 at home centers. Get is right here on Amazon.

Constant Companion

Family Handyman

My Triton SuperJaws XXL Portable Clamping System is by far the most versatile tool in my shop. I use it on every single project. It’s a reliable third hand or a clamp when I’m doing a glue-up. When I need a quick work surface, I clamp a scrap of plywood between the jaws. The system folds up for compact storage, but mine is in use constantly and never gets put away. — April Wilkerson. Buy it on Amazon.

Comfortable Dust Mask

Family Handyman

Standard masks just aren’t comfortable for long periods of time. They tend to get sweaty, so I end up taking them off—and they certainly don’t work when they’re not on your face. The RZ Dust Mask is made of light mesh fabric and has a pair of straps that keep it in place, comfortably. Beneath the mask is a replaceable filter. The discharge valve lets your breath go out instead of up, so it doesn’t fog your protective eyewear. — Tamar Hannah. Get this mask.  Next, check out 11 products we’re buying on Amazon this month.

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