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11 Weird Things Your Alexa is Capable Of

If you use Alexa as a virtual assistant, you likely already know she can play your favorite song or can dim the lights for you. But Alexa has several skills you may not even know about. Here are 11 things Alexa can do for you.

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Need a Beat?

If you feel like rapping, ask Alexa to give you a beat. She’ll offer up a bunch of different sounds every time you ask.

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Get Help in the Kitchen

When you’re trying out a new recipe, use Alexa as your kitchen assistant. Have her tell you how many cups are in a quart, how many tablespoons are in a stick of butter or have her set a timer so you don’t burn the sauce! Discover 10 more unexpected ways to use Alexa.

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Have Alexa Cheer You Up

Having a bad day? Go ahead and tell Alexa that you’re sad. She’ll be supportive and will give you some encouraging tips to help put you in a better mood.

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Recite Star Wars Lines

Is there a Star Wars fan in your home? Try asking Alexa to talk like Yoda. Or tell her, “Alexa, I am your father.” You may be surprised at her clever response. Follow these tips for a DIY backyard movie theater.

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Take whatever it is you’re listening to with you. If you’re listening to a podcast on Alexa in your kitchen but need to step outside to the patio, just say “Alexa, send that to my phone” and you can keep listening.

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Find Your Lost Phone

Admit it, sometimes you forget where you left your smartphone. If your device is connected to Alexia, just say, “Alexa, find my phone” and she’ll make it ring.

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Ask for Cowbell

If “More Cowbell” is one of your favorite Saturday Night Live skits, see what happens when you say, “Alexa, more cowbell.” It’s worth it.

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Fake a Sneeze

You never know when you might need to fake a sneeze, but Alexa can help with that. Just ask her to sneeze and she’ll make it happen. Try these cleaning tips to reduce household dust.

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Know the Forecast

Alexa will be happy to tell you all the details of your city’s weather forecast. She’ll also be happy to let you know the forecast of any other city—you just have to ask.

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Ask the Time

Of course, Alexa will let you know what time it is where you are, but she can come in handy if you’re trying to schedule something in a different time zone. Never be late for a virtual meeting again!

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Get Updates on Travel

Do you deal with a rough work commute? Just let Alexa know your home address and your work address and she’ll keep you updated on travel times.