Tips for a Tidy Workshop

Use these clever tips to keep your workshop area clean, organized and comfy.

Use these simple tips to make your workshop work smarter, cleaner, more efficient and more comfortable. Most of these tips use materials you have on hand and take less than 10 minutes to implement.

By the DIY experts of The Family Handyman Magazine

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Kick Up a Dust Storm

Blow guns are a great way to clean dust out of tools and materials, as well as nooks and crannies in the garage where vacuum nozzles won’t fit.

Most blow guns have a pinhole-size opening. That’s fine for blowing away small wood or metal chips. But these Typhoon high volume, variable-flow blow guns (available through our affiliation with have multiple openings and a tapered tip that develops 2.1 lbs. of thrust. Use one to blow your entire work area or even blast the water off your freshly washed car. It’s the most powerful blow gun we’ve ever seen. And the trigger is a true variable-volume design, not just full on or full off.

Buy the traditional gun for workbench use or the 12- or 24-in.-long version to gain some distance between you and the dust cloud you’ll kick up. Find them at air tool sellers or online.

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