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Hardware Storage: DIY Tips and Hints

It's the little things that make us happy, right? Not when those little things are screws, nuts, bolts and other pieces of hardware that get stuck in a drawer somewhere never to be found again. We've come up with a great collection of tips for how to store hardware so you can actually find what you need. Happiness indeed!

Muffin tin storage bin

Rust-free nail storage

Nuts and washers stored on pegboard

Recycled peanut butter jars

Magnetic mini storage

Hardware oil-ganizer

Fastener bins for free

Muffin tin hardware bins

Tasteful hardware storage

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August 12, 1:31 AM [GMT -5]

I use Cascade dish washing tabs, I save the containers and use them for longer screws as well as smaller electronic cables and other garage knick-knacks. The containers are clear and you can see what is in them as well as a very sturdy lid on it as well.

I also use the plastic containers the 3M and other higher end electrical tape comes in as temporary containers when working with smaller parts such as crimp farrels for small gauge wire, wire connectors, and a trash container for the clean up of said work.

Coffee cans work well to keep different nails organized, to get larger quantities out of the container or to keep them contained if the lid is not very secure i drop a few magnets in with the nails/screws/lags in the medal containers and they all stick together and to the sides of the cans...they make clean up of accidental tip overs a lot easier aswell.


June 16, 9:03 PM [GMT -5]

I have found that if you accidentally break a glass bottle etc. you can cut a flap into the side of a milk jug or another plastic bottle and carefully put the shards into it for disposal. Thus you will not have glass slivers cutting open your trash bag. be careful of sharp glass!

June 07, 10:11 AM [GMT -5]

Much like the detergent & chocolate containers, several years ago I started using the 33oz. plastic coffee cans for storage. I label the handle side with a sharpie, so they are easy to identify and then just grab and go.

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Hardware Storage: DIY Tips and Hints

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