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January 02, 9:13 PM [GMT -5]

As an automotive restorers, heat is one of the most important tools in my shop - but after much trial and some errror - I can sa that the heat off a propane soldering torch will often not be enough heat to break loose long rusted fastener. I use an Oxy-Acetylene set-up as it often needs to be heated cherry red.

October 20, 8:53 AM [GMT -5]

Use a 50% mixture of acetone and power steering fluid to remove rusted nuts or bolts and screws.

February 07, 11:23 PM [GMT -5]

Weld a nut on top of the fastener; make a nice puddle right in the center hole of the nut. The heat does the same job as the torch, and you have a new nut to use your wrench on. It works for me about 80%, and if it breaks, you are no worse off than you were.

Careful with drill bits and easy outs. This hard steel is not easy to get out, and I have had to resort to an EDM bit to make a new hole through hard steel.


August 24, 4:54 PM [GMT -5]

Your idea about putting a pipe over a ratchet gave me an idea.
Use a tire tool if it is the right size. Put a pipe over one of those and you wont break
a ratchet drive. Or if you have one of the 4 arm tire tools even better. you can use both hands. This is only good for larger size bolts.

May 26, 12:47 AM [GMT -5]

I like all your hints and tips and i have one to offer. If you are good with a grinder and have room to use it, you can grind the head off the bolt. Also, if the screw protruds far enough on the back side (of a head that is broken off) you can use a plier to grip the protruding end and unscrew it.

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How to Loosen Nuts, Bolts and Screws

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