Wood Joints

Make stronger wood joints for all your woodworking projects.

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  • How to Make a Biscuit Joint

  • Take your woodworking skills up a notch. Learn how to make the four basic biscuit joints with these close-up, step-by-step photos and videos.

  • How to Glue Wood

  • Speed up your woodworking projects, improve the quality of glue connections and make your project look better with these tips for gluing wood.

  • Building Cabinets With Biscuit Joints

  • Biscuit joiners allow you to make solid precise joints, accurate enough to build fine cabinets. We show you the three key techniques you need to…

  • Edge Gluing Boards

  • Get better results when edge-gluing boards by following these 10 expert tips from a pro. They include tips for applying glue, clamping alignment…

  • How to Use a Biscuit Joiner

  • A biscuit joiner will help you make strong, fast and accurate joints. The Family Handyman DIY expert, Spike Carlsen, will show you how to use a…

  • How to Choose Glue for Exterior Work

  • Picking the best glue for a DIY project can be overwhelming since there are dozens of choices. In this story, we answer the question of what…

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