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How To Get The Most From Your Stud Finder

Bob Schmidt shows you how to properly use a stud finder in your home remodeling projects.

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    Source:MonkeySee.com - Home

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  1. Installing a Bathroom Sink: Wall -Hung Sink

    Replacing a vanity with a wall -hung sink is one of the best ways to make a small bathroom feel roomier. As the floor space opens up, the room becomes brighter and easier to clean. In this story, we’ll show you how to install a stylish wall -hung bathroom sink and faucet, including the tough part: moving the water supply and drainpipes. We'll also show you how to open the wall , cut the pipes and reroute them for easy hook-up.

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    Save yourself $100s by taping your own walls . We’ll show you how. This article shows you everything you need to get perfectly smooth walls , without having to worry about nail pops, cracks and bad joints later. We take a beginner DIY approach, so even if you've never used drywall tools before, you can get good results on your walls .

  3. How to Install a Vapor Barrier in a Crawlspace

    This article will show you how to add 6 mil plastic sheeting on the ground and insulate the walls in your crawlspace. We use foil-faced rigid insulation to keep the space under the house dry. The plastic and the insulation will eliminate any moisture problems you have in the crawlspace, such as water droplets collecting on the concrete walls and pipes .

  4. How to Install Crown Molding: Three-Piece Design

    Crown molding can be intimidating, because walls often aren't flat and nailing is difficult. Don't worry. This three-piece system solves those problems. Here we'll show you how to install trim on the walls and ceiling first, then add the crown. The three combined look elegant and go up more easily than a single large piece. We'll also walk you through the tricky cuts at corners.

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