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Bathroom Design Tips - Glass Mosaic Tiles

Glass mosaic tile is great on floors, walls or showers or around mirrors.

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  1. How to Tile a Shower Stall


    Learn how to tile a shower in this video. Mark Donovan of HomeAdditionPlus.com first shows how to prepare shower walls and floors for tiling. He then shows how to tile shower walls and floors. Finally he demonstrates how to grout the tile seams.

  2. Install a Prefab Shower


    Adding a shower to a bathroom will increase your home's value.

  3. How to Install Custom Bathroom Tile


    Tiling a custom bathroom with your own hands is a rewarding project for an experienced do-it-yourselfer. Jeff Wilson guides us through the process.

  4. How to Mount a Flat Screen TV to The Wall


    In this home entertainment video, you will learn how to mount a flat-screen TV to the wall in your living room.

  1. How to Replace a Two-Handle Shower Valve With a Single-Handle Unit

    Use a special cover plate to replace a leaky, old two-handle shower valve with a new scald-proof one-handle valve without tearing out tile or the wall . This is a challenging project.

  2. Remodel a Bathroom with Marble Mosaic and Limestone Tile

    Transform your bath with natural stone. We'll show you how to incorporate stone in three crucial areas of a bath: vanity, shower / tub and floor. The stone in this story runs the gamut from a 500-pound slab of limestone on a whirlpool deck to 5/8-inch pieces arranged in a shower wall mosaic.

  3. How to Remodel Your Bathroom Without Destroying It

    Make a dull bathroom feel fresh, bright and inviting while adding storage. If your sink, tile and shower are still in good shape, handsome light fixtures, a stylish mirror and a fresh, new medicine cabinet may be all you need to revitalize the space. In this article, we’ll show you how to wire a pair of wall lights, how to hang a big mirror and how to recess a medicine cabinet into a wall .

  4. Install Scald Protection

    Achieve scald protection for your tub and shower by installing anti-scald showerheads and tub spouts. You don’t have to tear open the wall and replace the valve.

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