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  1. Ideas For Designer Bathroom Faucets


    Robin Baron talks about designer faucets, their importance and use.

  2. How to Replace a Faucet

    Source:GMC DIY

    Replace your bathroom faucet to give the room a new look.

  1. How to Fix a Dripping Shower

    Repair a shower faucet that won't shut off. Most single-handle, cartridge-style faucets can be repaired in an hour or less with basic tools.

  2. How to Replace a Faucet and Waste Line

    Replacing a bathroom faucet and waste line can quickly get complicated. Learn the shortcuts and tricks that professional plumbers use to make difficult installations go smoothly.

  3. Four Home Plumbing Repair Tips

    When kitchen or bathroom faucet repairs go bad, they can be a nightmare. Professional plumbers share their solutions for disassembly and repair problems, with tips about when to give up and buy a new faucet.

  4. How to Clean and Repair a Clogged Faucet

    Aerators are found on almost every kitchen and bath faucet, and if water flow slows or becomes uneven, clogs inside the aerator are usually the cause. Fortunately it’s an easy problem to fix.

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