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Painting Kitchen Tile Backsplash

Jennifer Bertrand shows how to use paint to bring an old tile backsplash to life.

Source: hgtv

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  1. How to Make a Kitchen Backsplash Quickly


    Learn about different options to install a kitchen backsplash in no time.

  2. How to Make a Mosaic Kitchen Backsplash


    Scot Sicari show how you too can create a mosaic kitchen backsplash .

  3. How to Improve Your Kitchen With a Backsplash


    Learn four simple options to add a kitchen backsplash for that unique look to your kitchen.

  4. Some Tips on Kitchen Backsplash Style


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  1. Stainless Steel Kitchen Backsplash

    Steel, aluminum and copper tiles make dramatic, high impact kitchen backsplashes . They're also easy to install, last forever and don't require any grouting.

  2. Ideas for the Kitchen: Wallpaper Backsplash

    Install tough, cleanable vinyl wallpaper to create a handsome backsplash in your kitchen. Even expensive material won't cost much since you'll need very little.

  3. Ideas for the Kitchen: Stainless Steel Backsplash

    Install a stainless steel backsplash behind the range quickly and easily with construction adhesive. Buy the sheet precut to the exact size you need.

  4. Installing Kitchen Backsplash and New Vent Hood

    A tile backsplash combined with a new range hood can quickly and dramatically transform a dull kitchen. Learn how to install both in a weekend, along with a custom, over-the-oven shelf for spices and seasonings.

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