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How to Tile a Bathroom Part 1/4

This Re:Fine video shows you how to tile a common bathroom.

Source: Re:Fine

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    This Re:Fine video shows you how to tile a bathroom window ledge.

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    This Re:Fine video shows you how to tile a bathroom floor and finish other projects.

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    Better TV's Jennifer Adams gives you some good tips on ways to paint your wall without slips and drips.

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    In this video, Andersen Windows ’ Brian Gunderson shows you how easy it is to convert older double hung windows to new, more energy efficient windows using a pre-ordered conversion kit to replace older windows with more energy efficient technology.

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    We'll show you all the how-to steps you need to install a basement egress window , from cutting a hole in the basement wall to framing the opening to setting the window . Doing the project yourself can save you more than $4,000. The egress window will not only allow natural sunlight to enter your dark basement, it will provide a safe escape route for you and your family during a fire or other home emergency.

  2. Perfect Trim on Doors, Windows and Base Moldings

    These DIY tips will help you get tight-fitting joints on doors, windows and base moldings, even if your walls are less than perfect. We'll show you how to adjust your cuts so the trim fits together on out-of-square corners and wavy walls . Get out your miter saw and follow these steps, and you'll ...

  3. Simple Window Trim and Door Trim

    Tradition window and door trim looks more complicated than picture-framed trim, but it's actually simpler and more forgiving. It also hides uneven walls and jambs better.

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    Want to add a new window or door to an exterior weight-bearing wall ? We’ll explain how headers work and give you some tips on how to design the opening so it supports the weight of your house. You’ll learn how to assemble king and jack studs and see how they connect to the header. And, we’ll show you the three main header styles materials: solid, laminated and engineered lumber, and wood I-Beam.

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