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How to Prepare Your Walls for Painting

In this video you will see a demonstration of how to prepare the walls for painting.

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  1. How to Set Up a Wall For Painting


    This educational resource is a suitable time-saver that will enable you to get good at painting and decorating. Watch our tutorial on How To Set Up A Wall For Painting from one of Videojug's professionals.

  2. How to Cut the Walls for Painting a Room

    Source:MonkeySee.com - Home

    Find out what type of paint sheen you should choose when painting, for example, a bedroom. Also learn how to cut the walls for painting a room.

  3. Fixing Medium Sized Holes in Walls

    Source:MonkeySee.com - Home

    In this video Ken Collier shows you how to fix medium-sized holes in the wall .

  4. How to Level Objects on the Wall

    Source:MonkeySee.com - Home

    Learn how to level object on the wall to get a great look for your interior.

  1. How to Remove a Hollow Wall Anchor

    Remove unwanted hollow wall anchors without wrecking your wall . Punching them through does minimal damage and simplifies wall patching.

  2. How to Fix a Cracked Basement Wall

    Cracks in basement walls are common, but they can also be a sign of a weaken wall . We'll tell you how to handle this potentially dangerous wall before it leads to structural problems with your house. It's a problem that must get fixed before you finish your basement.

  3. How to Finish a Foundation Wall

    We show two good ways to insulate and finish a basement or concrete wall . A 2x2 wall saves space and a 2x4 wall is easier to assemble and insulate. Both will create that snug extra room you need.

  4. How to Build Retaining Walls Stronger

    We'll show you how to build an attractive retaining wall that's firm, solid and will stand the test of time. This DIY retaining wall features a solid base, compacted base material and good drainage. The masonry wall looks great from the front, too, and will enhance the look of your yard.

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