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How to Refinish Closet Doors

If your closet doors are looking a little shabby, you can refinish them yourself and get them looking new again.

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  1. How to Use Oil-Based Polyurethane Over Water-Based Polyurethane

    Recoating a water-based acrylic floor finish with oil-based polyurethane is not usually a problem, so long as the old finish is properly buffed and cleaned before applying the new finish.

  2. Water-Based vs. Oil-Based Polyurethane Floor Finish

    Find out which finish is the best for you project, water-based or oil based polyurethane . They're both durable and good looking, but there are differences. We'll help you decide.

  3. How to Apply Polyurethane

    Getting a smooth, blemish-free finish with oil-based polyurethane is within your grasp if you follow the steps in this article. Oil-based polyurethane varnish brings out the wood’s natural beauty or wood grain. Our 4-step approach shows you how to apply the varnish successfully. A good-quality natural-bristle brush, a reasonably dust-free, well ventilated space and some patience are all you need.

  4. How to Get a Smooth Polyurethane Finish

    These tips and techniques for applying oil-based polyurethane produce virtually flawless results. They include using a roller, using wipe-on poly and above all controlling dust.

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