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How To Keep Your Clothes Dryer Working Like New

Make your dryer use less energy, run better, and last longer.

Source: Howcast

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  1. How to Clean a Clothes Dryer Filter


    Keeping the filter clean improves your dryer's performance and avoids the risk of fire from lint buildup.

  1. How to Install a Dryer Vent That Keeps Out Pests

    Cheap dryer vents with flimsy flaps break or clog up with lint and dirt, causing energy leaks and allowing access for pests. Keep them out with a dryer vent upgrade.

  2. Replace a Broken Dryer Vent Cap

    Replace a broken dryer vent cap simply and quickly. Disconnect the through-wall duct and replace the duct and cap together.

  3. Dryer Vent Cover Repair

    Stop cool drafts from leaky clothes dryer vents by cleaning and lubricating the vent flaps so they completely close. If unsuccessful, replace the vent, a simple task.

  4. Dryer Lint Cleaning Tips

    Prevent house fires. Clean the lint from inside your clothes dryer as well as lint caught in the exhaust vent. You can complete the cleaning in about 30 minutes.

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