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How to Clean a Gas Grill with Minimal Effort

Learn how to clean a gas grill with minimal effort with these tips and techniques.

Source: Howcast

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  1. Ignite Your Gas Grill With an Electronic Ignition

    Replace faulty gas grill igniters with battery-powered electronic ignition. You can install the inexpensive electronic igniter (about $20) in an hour with basic tools.

  2. How to Tune Up Your Outdoor Gas Grill

    Tune up your gas grill by cleaning the grates, the burners, the drip pans and the exterior to remove caked on grease that interferes with starting and cooking.

  3. Gas Grill : Propane to Natural Gas Conversion

    Convert your propane grill to natural gas to make sure the fuel doesn’t run out. We show you how to use a special conversion kit. You’ll also have to run a new gas line.

  4. How to Fix a Gas Grill

    Save that beat-up old gas grill from the garbage dump and restore it to new condition for a fraction of the cost of a new grill. Virtually every part on the grill can be replaced, restored or repainted at relatively low cost, putting your grill back in use for many more seasons.

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