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  1. Save More, Waste Less in the Laundry Room


    Better's experts are here to show you how to save time and money and waste less in the laundry room.

  2. How to Conserve Energy When Doing Laundry


    Learn how to wash your clothes without spending too much energy.

  3. Minute Makeover: How A Bedroom Closet Went From Eyesore To Organized

    Source:Minute Makeover

    In this episode, a cluttered bedroom closet gets organized with the ultimate makeover

  4. Minute Makeover: How To Make Your First Rental Apartment Stylish On A Budget

    Source:Minute Makeover

    In this episode, a bedroom in a rented apartment gets a very stylish makeover on a budget

  1. Convert an Unfinished Laundry Area Into a Laundry Room

    Create a fresh, clean work space in your laundry room. We walk you through the toughest part—reworking the plumbing and adding the new sink. Follow these how-to photos and instructions to turn your unfinished laundry area into a finished laundry room that'll better meet your needs.

  2. How to Organize a Laundry Room

    Increase efficiency in your laundry room with these simple storage and organization projects. Learn how to install a folding table, add a soap dispenser, find space for a hanging rack, install an all-purpose wall cabinet, and create storage space on a laundry tub.

  3. Avoiding a Laundry Room Flood in an Upstairs Laundry Room

    Second floor laundry rooms can create a lot of damage if the wash machine leaks. We'll show you four DIY steps to prevent a water catastrophe. You won't have to spend a lot of time or money, and you'll safeguard against an upstairs flood.

  4. How to Install a Laundry Chute

    You'll love the convenience of a laundry chute. It'll save you time and energy with fewer trips up and down stairs. We show you how to find a wall location and install one.

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